Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's see this week.

I've got a lot of writing to work on this week.  I'm doing some article proposals (two actually) and they both require all.this.research.  Ugh.  I've been posting lots on my blog, so check all that fun out- there's even some singing!  WOOT!!!!

I finally got in with a psychiatrist and a counselor about all the anxiety and post partum, and the changes we've made are really helpful.  But they are both in Sioux Falls, which requires a lot of driving, qhich of course eats up the teensy amounts of moola we do have. Ugh.

So, I'm working on a lot of guest blogs, articles, proposals, and FINALLY getting over myself and working on actually roughing out some more personal essays.  I'm also forcing myself to walk the dog more, despite our shitty weather andsoon will be forcing myself back into my yoga regimen, reminding myself (uhhh you ALWAYS FEEL BETTER AFTER).  How about you?  I miss you gals!


Sara Rose