Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's see this week.

I've got a lot of writing to work on this week.  I'm doing some article proposals (two actually) and they both require all.this.research.  Ugh.  I've been posting lots on my blog, so check all that fun out- there's even some singing!  WOOT!!!!

I finally got in with a psychiatrist and a counselor about all the anxiety and post partum, and the changes we've made are really helpful.  But they are both in Sioux Falls, which requires a lot of driving, qhich of course eats up the teensy amounts of moola we do have. Ugh.

So, I'm working on a lot of guest blogs, articles, proposals, and FINALLY getting over myself and working on actually roughing out some more personal essays.  I'm also forcing myself to walk the dog more, despite our shitty weather andsoon will be forcing myself back into my yoga regimen, reminding myself (uhhh you ALWAYS FEEL BETTER AFTER).  How about you?  I miss you gals!


Sara Rose

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Locker Room Post

Need solid wisdom from you lovely ladies!  xoxo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Waiting For pictures to Load

ARGH!!! Writing an article right now and the server I have to send all my pics to is taking for-ev-er.  SO, UPDATE.

Got some blogging, journaling, and four articles done last week, which I am pretty pleased about despite having an insanely busy week.  Got Kiki's Valentine- THANK YOU!!!!

I didn't get a whole LOT done creatively and I really want to get started on some submission and query letters for different publications but TIME is such a huge issue.  With Eva homeschooling due to Nolan losing his job, I have sooooo much less time.  I may have to burn some midnight oil to get this done.

I GOT A NEW JOB TOO!!!!  Woot!  Sioux Falls is starting a regional publication of Midwestern Parenting and they want me on as a featured writer- two columns and a 1000+ feature per month!  They launch in about 6 weeks and I'll keep you updated.  Since we are in the slow process of moving up to Sioux Falls, I have been scouring nonstop for writing opportunities there and freelance/telecommute.

I still need to get better about yoga and walking and eating better.  What an uphill battle.  Goals for the Week
-Knitting- Finish two colors on blanket I am working on.
-Yoga and Walking. Period Amen.
-5 articles, 5 blogs.
-3 journal entries.

Love you all!

Sara Rose

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey Gals!

There's been some positive changes and some staying the same in life lately.  I'll write more candidly in the locker room!  Anyways, I've got loads of new articles up over at my Examiner Page, just waiting for you to read or comment on!



My blog is a year old!  SO I posted a long blog that includes a video message and everything!  Enjoy, hopefully.  Leave comments, all that jazz!

-GET. BACK. INTO. YOGA.  (period, amen.)
-Get the dog out for more walks.
-Write an article a day, a query letter every 3 days, and a blog every other day.
-Help my husband find a job.
-Focus on my resolutions.
-Be here more often for all of you.
-Finish these two blankets I am knitting. NOW.


Sara Rose

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New start

Hi ladies!

It's been such a long time! However, I haven't stopped thinking of you and have been missing your posts in SWIM. We managed to catch something pretty special here and I hope we can all manage to joggle our busy lives and re-connect soon. For me, the fact I haven't been posting means my life has become WORK, WORK and MORE WORK, which is totally wrong and makes me feel down, exhausted and frustrated. I feel that now I've figured out what I want, LIFE doesn't let me go for it. Anyway, I've said ENOUGH to THAT, and I'm starting again with the same no-time but buckets of new energy and new ideas. I will certainly need all your support to make them SUSTAINABLE (this seems to be my problem), but I'll get there.

My new GOALS in general

1. Yoga REFLECTIVE practice (which includes journaling) daily.
2. Back to Morning Pages and Artist's Dates.
3. Creating new materials for my new two modules at university: Medical Spanish and Creative Writing in Spanish
4. Write proposal for Medical Spanish book. 
5. Allocated time for reading.
6. Back to 'Medea', my novel (which now seems to take up a new life as a film script in collaboration with R)
7. Applicatin forms for funding for an MA next year (Applied Linguistics and Creative Writing).
8. Post in my soooo-abandoned personal blog.

Since it's Wednesday already, my OBJECTIVE THIS WEEK will be JUST to GET STARTED ON ALL THE ABOVE and learn to make space in my timetable for, actually, LIFE!!!! 

I hope we can reconnect all soon.
Have a lovely end-of-week!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Goals here, but check the Locker Room!

Hello, sparkling SWIMmers, from chilly Cambridge UK where the temperature is near zero Celsius but the sunlight today looks like Spring.
The juicy post is actually on the Locker Room - it needs a little extra love and security. I'd love to hear your thoughts and your responses, because something just bubbled out of my fingertips onto the keyboard and for the first time, I couldn't just delete it. And you gals are the ones I want to share it with.

But my goals for the week are here:

*Finish revising Chapter 5 by Thursday
*Begin revising Chapter 6
*Finish drafting my interview outline by Wednesday
*Post M-W-F-Sun at Yogademia
*Run twice and move my asana at least three times
*Keep up the daily yoga practice off the mat - breathing, responding rather than reacting, yoking breath with intention and movement in all things as much as possible
*Reconnect with you!

Love from England,

Lets Start Over: Week 1 Goals

It's been so long and I got so completely delusional in the last few months that really, it's time for me to clean the slate and get restarted here.  So.  Here we go.  My New Years Resolutions are Gratitude, Wellness, and Appreciation.  In my book, Gratitude and Appreciation are NOT the same things but rather entirely different ones.  So my weekly goals need to include some time devoted to pursuit of those 3 things.  With wellness, I'm not just talkingweight or whatever, I want better health, better immunity, better psyche, IWANTITALL!!!  (Feeling very Veruca Salt right there.)

So.  In devotion to GAW2010-
-Gratitude lists.  I aim to post at least one a week either here or on my blog, but write personal ones at least 3 times a week.
-Tell my hubster thank you more often.
-Appreciate my time with the kiddos more.
-Get myself back into a daily yoga, meditation, and walk the dog routine.
-Be better about Weight Watchers.  I slacked off soooooo badly.

As for writing, obviously I was slacking there too.  Some of it had to with the fact that my laptop decided to go all psycho and die.  Some of it was me going off the deep end.  It's true, I kinda crashed and burned in January.  Some of it is because I was lazy, lazy, lazy.  So.

-Send out 4 proposal/query letters for articles in the next two weeks.
-Write 4 articles a week again for my Examiner Page.
-Get my examples done to submit for a new second Examiner Page.
-Write 2-3 blogs this week.  BTW- my blog is newly private.  I sent you all invites.  If you lost yours or never got it, email me so I can resend you one!
-Get back to journaling. Even mini-sessions.

I've got a bunch of life stuff going on.  We're going to move this summer, I now home school Eva Bean because Nolan lost his job in January, and really we've just got loose ends to pull together too.  I'll be writing about all that more frequently in the Locker Room.  In fact, I'm headed there now to post links to some of my last posts that would best update you all.  Overall, I love and miss you gals.  Let's get this thing going again!
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