Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm back! I'm back!

Cripes, it's been six weeks since I posted here. That's absurd. The past six weeks have been absurd, especially this last week. There's a rambling post up at the Locker Room about all this, and how it's seriously messing with me.

So, HELLO!!!!!!!  I have missed all of you so much! If there was ever a group of ladies I would love to have over for tea or a glass of wine on a regular basis, you are it. I would have loved to swing through each of your cities while I was traveling in the States just to meet you for an hour in a cafĂ© somewhere.  Your good company and sage advice would have been so welcome.

Hello and welcome especially to Sara Rose - I'm sorry I haven't been around to welcome you before this, but I was working 18-hour days while in the States, hopping on a train or airplane to a new city every few days, and then on a computer-free week with my family and my guy. I'm still catching up on posts, but I'll be back in the regular comment-posting saddle starting today!
I'm just going to jump right into this week's goals, because I put the most important crazy background noise buzzing inside my head up in the Locker Room. 

SWIM goals 1-7 November
*Begin each weekday morning with dissertation intro writing to re-establish the writing habit and draft at least 2000 words by Friday
*Adapt my daily morning pages to something more akin to late afternoon/early evening journaling
*Complete and mail out the two job/postdoc applications due
*Complete and mail AAH conference abstract
*Begin tailoring interview presentation
*Return to my regular M-W-F-Sun Yogademia posting schedule
*Comment on all my SWIMmers and their blogs!
*Practice yoga for at least an hour 3-4 times this week
*Run twice

Reward: Artist Date to see An Education at the independent cinema with a glass of wine


  1. So happy you are back! I've missed you! Going now to read your 'Locker' post.

  2. Welcome back! I have had a similarly insane few weeks - and its funny you mention An Education because it just opened in DC this past Friday and its on my life for an artists date :)

  3. *waving hand from over here*
    Hi! Nice to meet you! Seems life has just been nutso for everyone. Of course, right before the holiday season, right? Let usknow how An Education is because my hubsters& I are really interested!

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