Sunday, November 8, 2009

Preparations Galore

Darcy had a new bathroom put in this week. Rather than have him take time off work, I attempted to work at home with varying success due to the interruptions.

Recap of SWIM goals 1-7 November
*Begin each weekday morning with dissertation intro writing to re-establish the writing habit and draft at least 2000 words by Friday.
*Adapt my daily morning pages to something more akin to late afternoon/early evening journaling
     These didn't work for me at all. My brain is not firing fast enough when I wake up, especially now that it's still dark at 6 a.m. I need to be sharp and awake for this kind of conceptual writing, and waiting until the end of the day to journal didn't work either. 2k words only happened in the form of transcribing notes I had taken as preparation for this section while in the States.
*Complete and mail out the two job/postdoc applications due
Managed one.
*Complete and mail AAH conference abstract
     Check, and managed one other as well.
*Begin tailoring interview presentation
     Only mentally. Does that count?
*Return to my regular M-W-F-Sun Yogademia posting schedule
*Comment on all my SWIMmers and their blogs!
*Practice yoga for at least an hour 3-4 times this week
*Run twice
     Not even close on any of these. One yoga, one run, no comments or posts.

So what the heck did I do this week? Major rewrite of my dissertation abstract and the attendant posting on the website, some other conference abstracts, dealt with the final details required to put the first issue of the journal I co-edit to bed, began charting a major new class that needed at least a plan on paper in preparation for my upcoming interview, tidied other class plan and syllabi, sorted some ideas and sources for my intro, and spent a bunch of time dealing with the bathroom. 

Reward: Artist Date to see An Education at the independent cinema with a glass of wine.
Even though I didn't really meet my goals for the week, I did take myself to see An Education, minus the wine. Excellent all around: story, cast, acting, visuals, soundtrack. Definitely a must-see for this group.

SWIM Goals Nov. 9-15
*1 hour writing intro & 30 min revising cross-cultural paper every weekday
*Monday: fully check chapter sample & course plans to submit for interview; presentation
*Tuesday: Afternoon - S---- postdoc letter and app
*Wednesday: Revise postdoc plan for C---- and O----; presentation
*Thursday: Afternoon: presentation and interview prep
*Friday: R--- letter and app; presentation and interview prep
*Saturday: any final tidying in preparation for interview and presentation

Reward: Sunday trip to London with Darcy for Christmas shopping; cinnamon buns at Nordic Bakery, Melody Gardot show at Southbank Center


  1. Welcome back, darling! Sounds you have been QUITE busy and productive. Wonderful! I lvoe your reward - i die for cinnamon buns. Yummy. I am way behind on SWIM, but love that you are back. :)

  2. Hi, Kiki. I love your new objectives and the way you have organised them through the week. This 'timetable' is a brilliant idea. Better than the traditional 'to do' list. Best of luck with your applications and everything else. Enjoy London!