Monday, February 1, 2010

Lets Start Over: Week 1 Goals

It's been so long and I got so completely delusional in the last few months that really, it's time for me to clean the slate and get restarted here.  So.  Here we go.  My New Years Resolutions are Gratitude, Wellness, and Appreciation.  In my book, Gratitude and Appreciation are NOT the same things but rather entirely different ones.  So my weekly goals need to include some time devoted to pursuit of those 3 things.  With wellness, I'm not just talkingweight or whatever, I want better health, better immunity, better psyche, IWANTITALL!!!  (Feeling very Veruca Salt right there.)

So.  In devotion to GAW2010-
-Gratitude lists.  I aim to post at least one a week either here or on my blog, but write personal ones at least 3 times a week.
-Tell my hubster thank you more often.
-Appreciate my time with the kiddos more.
-Get myself back into a daily yoga, meditation, and walk the dog routine.
-Be better about Weight Watchers.  I slacked off soooooo badly.

As for writing, obviously I was slacking there too.  Some of it had to with the fact that my laptop decided to go all psycho and die.  Some of it was me going off the deep end.  It's true, I kinda crashed and burned in January.  Some of it is because I was lazy, lazy, lazy.  So.

-Send out 4 proposal/query letters for articles in the next two weeks.
-Write 4 articles a week again for my Examiner Page.
-Get my examples done to submit for a new second Examiner Page.
-Write 2-3 blogs this week.  BTW- my blog is newly private.  I sent you all invites.  If you lost yours or never got it, email me so I can resend you one!
-Get back to journaling. Even mini-sessions.

I've got a bunch of life stuff going on.  We're going to move this summer, I now home school Eva Bean because Nolan lost his job in January, and really we've just got loose ends to pull together too.  I'll be writing about all that more frequently in the Locker Room.  In fact, I'm headed there now to post links to some of my last posts that would best update you all.  Overall, I love and miss you gals.  Let's get this thing going again!
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