Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sara Rose: Oct 7- Oct 13 Goals

Encore, bonsoir, mes beaux amis!

So last week, I got a bit accomplished, but it always seems I have this huge pile up of more/more/more I need to get done.  Where do I strike a balance with this?

One of the things I need to really work on in the next few weeks is carving out a writing/work schedule since I work from home now.

I have Owen home with me too and am trying to make the hard decision . . . do I have him at a babysitter a couple mornings a week while Eva is at preschool so I can work uninterrupted? Do I try to work when he sleeps and in the evenings, thus potentially cutting into family/couple/me time?

Also, since I work from home now, I feel more pressure (from myself mostly) to be the one entirely responsible for my household.  Since I am a bit of a neatnik/clean freak this presents the problem of cutting into writing/work time.  ARGH!  I need balance!

Ok so goals for this week.

1.  10-20 minutes character development & research for my short story.  It's rounding nicely into what I hope is going to be a good piece of work.

2.  Send of writing samples and resume for a few jobs I found, preferably by Friday afternoon.

3.  Rough drafts of first Weight Watchers articles by Sunday morning.

4.  Journal more!  Even if it's short entry journaling.

5.  I've got two new blogs I've been a part of developing and Im excited to get them rolled out.  Hopefully in the next two weeks.

6.  Finish editing the content for my mothers website.

7.  Get my butt to the gym.  Period. Amen.

8.  4 posts on the Chatterbox.

9.  Make my husband get my hard drive and flash drives.  Get to work on cookbook/recipes.  Refuse to do his laundry if he keeps forgetting.

Ok thats more than enough.  Good night all! 

Sara Rose


  1. I hear you on #7 especially. I have been putting it off for ever now. Just too much too do.

    Also, about stopping yourself from cleaning when you want to be working/writing- I totally empathize..I find it hard sometimes, to work from home, precisely for that reason. I usually try to get away and work/write at a bookstore or cafe. If that is not possible, maybe just carve out a bit of working space- and make a rule that you are only responsible to keep that spot clean during the course of your working day?.

  2. I meant just too much 'to' do..arrgh typos!!

  3. Hi Sara Rose!! Sorry for my much delayed welcome to SWIM. :) I am loving your goals. Articles for Weight Watchers? I am intrigued...