Monday, October 5, 2009

Tired Tomato

Bonjour, fellow SWIM-ers! I am all kinds of tired today, but trying to stay as upbeat as possible. Also feeling really good about last week's SWIM goals...

1. Write 3 snail mail letters. Yup! Granted I did them last night but that counts, right? Nothing better than getting fun little somethings in the mail.

2. Write letter to myself to read when overwhelmed at work. Check! This was a great exercise prescribed to me by Jennifer. I did the same exercise back when I was painfully slow at work and needed to cheer myself up. After printing it (in cute font of course), I laminated it and decorated it with gorgeous fabric tape. Plan to do the same with Letter #2!

3. Practice nothing, then discover my truth. Admittedly I did not follow the nothing part as strictly as I should have, but the truth, oh my, the truth was all over the place! Read more about my experience here.

Now for this week's goals...

1. Respond to blog comments. I'm really bad about this (and it doesn't help that i'm terribly behind on blog reading as it is), and it's completely unacceptable. I've gotten such lovely comments, and i really want to make it a priority to respond so i'm making it a goal!

2. End my evenings with either journaling or reading a book. Absolutely NO laptop or TV watching when i'm about to go to sleep!

3. Pink Heels HW: includes fun activities like creating a life mandala and answering big picture journal questions. I promise to share a picture once I'm finished!

1 comment:

  1. I am soo with you on # 2. I have been trying to end my day with a book too.
    Good luck with all your goals!! I loved your full moon dreamboard..:)