Monday, February 1, 2010

Goals here, but check the Locker Room!

Hello, sparkling SWIMmers, from chilly Cambridge UK where the temperature is near zero Celsius but the sunlight today looks like Spring.
The juicy post is actually on the Locker Room - it needs a little extra love and security. I'd love to hear your thoughts and your responses, because something just bubbled out of my fingertips onto the keyboard and for the first time, I couldn't just delete it. And you gals are the ones I want to share it with.

But my goals for the week are here:

*Finish revising Chapter 5 by Thursday
*Begin revising Chapter 6
*Finish drafting my interview outline by Wednesday
*Post M-W-F-Sun at Yogademia
*Run twice and move my asana at least three times
*Keep up the daily yoga practice off the mat - breathing, responding rather than reacting, yoking breath with intention and movement in all things as much as possible
*Reconnect with you!

Love from England,


  1. Thank you, Kiki, for your post and for your email. It's been so long! I'm glad somehow we kept connected through your blog. Your goals seem great and I see you keep very grounded. I'm quite afraid to sit down again and write about my own. I feel like the list will be neverending and impossible. Too many things going on... And the cold! It's frankly freezing this winter in the UK!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Hoping to catch up properly on Friday night (just running out the door!).

    Cold - in England right now! Understatement.... BBBrrrrrrr........