Monday, February 22, 2010

Waiting For pictures to Load

ARGH!!! Writing an article right now and the server I have to send all my pics to is taking for-ev-er.  SO, UPDATE.

Got some blogging, journaling, and four articles done last week, which I am pretty pleased about despite having an insanely busy week.  Got Kiki's Valentine- THANK YOU!!!!

I didn't get a whole LOT done creatively and I really want to get started on some submission and query letters for different publications but TIME is such a huge issue.  With Eva homeschooling due to Nolan losing his job, I have sooooo much less time.  I may have to burn some midnight oil to get this done.

I GOT A NEW JOB TOO!!!!  Woot!  Sioux Falls is starting a regional publication of Midwestern Parenting and they want me on as a featured writer- two columns and a 1000+ feature per month!  They launch in about 6 weeks and I'll keep you updated.  Since we are in the slow process of moving up to Sioux Falls, I have been scouring nonstop for writing opportunities there and freelance/telecommute.

I still need to get better about yoga and walking and eating better.  What an uphill battle.  Goals for the Week
-Knitting- Finish two colors on blanket I am working on.
-Yoga and Walking. Period Amen.
-5 articles, 5 blogs.
-3 journal entries.

Love you all!

Sara Rose

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