Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey Gals!

There's been some positive changes and some staying the same in life lately.  I'll write more candidly in the locker room!  Anyways, I've got loads of new articles up over at my Examiner Page, just waiting for you to read or comment on!


My blog is a year old!  SO I posted a long blog that includes a video message and everything!  Enjoy, hopefully.  Leave comments, all that jazz!

-GET. BACK. INTO. YOGA.  (period, amen.)
-Get the dog out for more walks.
-Write an article a day, a query letter every 3 days, and a blog every other day.
-Help my husband find a job.
-Focus on my resolutions.
-Be here more often for all of you.
-Finish these two blankets I am knitting. NOW.


Sara Rose

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