Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New start

Hi ladies!

It's been such a long time! However, I haven't stopped thinking of you and have been missing your posts in SWIM. We managed to catch something pretty special here and I hope we can all manage to joggle our busy lives and re-connect soon. For me, the fact I haven't been posting means my life has become WORK, WORK and MORE WORK, which is totally wrong and makes me feel down, exhausted and frustrated. I feel that now I've figured out what I want, LIFE doesn't let me go for it. Anyway, I've said ENOUGH to THAT, and I'm starting again with the same no-time but buckets of new energy and new ideas. I will certainly need all your support to make them SUSTAINABLE (this seems to be my problem), but I'll get there.

My new GOALS in general

1. Yoga REFLECTIVE practice (which includes journaling) daily.
2. Back to Morning Pages and Artist's Dates.
3. Creating new materials for my new two modules at university: Medical Spanish and Creative Writing in Spanish
4. Write proposal for Medical Spanish book. 
5. Allocated time for reading.
6. Back to 'Medea', my novel (which now seems to take up a new life as a film script in collaboration with R)
7. Applicatin forms for funding for an MA next year (Applied Linguistics and Creative Writing).
8. Post in my soooo-abandoned personal blog.

Since it's Wednesday already, my OBJECTIVE THIS WEEK will be JUST to GET STARTED ON ALL THE ABOVE and learn to make space in my timetable for, actually, LIFE!!!! 

I hope we can reconnect all soon.
Have a lovely end-of-week!


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