Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another SWIMmer

Hi everyone!

I am delighted to join you in this writing adventure. I am a lecturer at the University of Nottingham (U.K) and after an extremely busy final semester it's like my brain's gone on a strike. All this writing I want to do keeps piling up somewhere at the back of my head; wants to be rescued and got on with; and WHAT A FANTASTIC INITIATIVE this Summer SWIM. Thank you!

My Summer Objectives (I'm not sure I'm going to be realistic here, but I just want to empty the 'to write' drawer and be able to look at its content, face to face!)

1. To finish writing portfolio and application form for an MA in Creative Writing (this needs to be done asap).

2. To finish writing the module description for a 'Creative Writing in Spanish' module that I'm trying to create (and get accepted) at uni.

3. To finish editing three short stories which have been left abandoned for ages (maybe that could be part of my MA portfolio); especially one, which I would like to send to a Writing Competition at the end of August.

4. Morning pages.

5. To post new entries to my blogs at least weekly. To write my "My Yoga Journey" blog ( at least three times a week.

6. Complete 'The Artist Way'.

7. And the BIIIIG ONE. Finish the first draft of a NOVEL.

This week's objectives: Well, this week is not going to be very long for me. Actually, I have only two and a half days!!!!!
Ok. I'll keep it simple, short and realistic (I hope).
1. Morning pages
2. Module Description for Creative Writing in Spanish
3. At least 30 min a day working on my portfolio (which may include either short stories and some chapters of my novel)
4. New entry in my blogs: Ones, Writing in Spanish and My Yoga Journey).

Reward! Yeah! Will go shopping for a nice top. I'm away this weekend on a hen night and I really fancy wearing something new. Ah! And a new journal/notebook.



  1. these are great goals!

    and i find a new journal/notebook always inspires me to write more--a fabulous reward:)

  2. Welcome Vienna! I'd love to hear more about your experience working through Artist's Way since I'm working on it too. As we're both in the UK, maybe we could even work towards meeting up later in the summer as well!

  3. Dharmagirl: Thanks a lot and good luck with your goals (and rewards!).

    Kiki: Thanks for your comment. Yes, it would be great to share the 'Artist's Way' experience. Sometimes you do loose motivation when you just try on your own so I'm really grateful for this SWIM initiative and for having the chance to share my writing (and other creative) experiences with like-minded people.

  4. OOps! I pressed 'post comment' before I'd finished. Anyway -what was I saying?- Ah, yes! Kiki, it would be really great if we managed to meet up at some point in the summer. I am living in Nottingham right now. You were in Cambridge, weren't you? I'll be in Spain and Greece from the 5th of August but till then I'll be in the UK.
    Well, I better get on with my writing and other no-so-creative duties. Have a nice day!