Monday, June 29, 2009

Vienna: Reward and new goals

Good morning! I was asked to post a pic of my reward so I did. As you can see, I changed my mind. No journal. Friday afternoon, after the university Open Day, I left to Lea Bridge (, a little village in Derbyshire to celebrate my friend and colleague's Hen Weekend. We had a fab time! After a nice 5 hour walk (it was supposed to be 2 but we got lost a few times...) we stumbled into a 'hippy shop' and I decided I'd get those red Thai fisherman's trousers, which are great for yoga and fun times. As you can see, I've already made the most of them. The journal will be my reward for next week, then.
Goals for this week:
  • Finish writing all module information documents for all my 09-10 modules.
  • Write resit exams
  • Finish my 'Desert flies' story.
  • Prepare portfolio for MA application.
  • Morning pages + keep working through The Artist's Way chapters.
Happy Monday everyone!

1 comment:

  1. those pants are awesome! way more fun than a journal (& i'm a journal fanatic!!)

    thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics!

    and to answer your questions, my academic book is about 19th c representations of race (keeping it vague to protect my anonymity from uni colleagues...for now). And as for the novel, I've been working on it since 2005. The first draft was a melodramatic mess--way too crazy. So, I've kept the characters but I'm working on telling a more authentic story.

    Your "Desert flies" story sounds really intriguing.

    Good luck this week!