Monday, June 29, 2009

Kiki: Can you write without reading?

The Artist's Way has completely banned me from reading anything this week.

I get nothin'. Nothing at all.

It's got me a little worked up, but it sure has fueled my writing goals - I can't read, but I can write as much as I want. It's like Atkins, for writers: all steak and cream but no staples like pasta.

This week's goals:

*Complete the "Studio" chapter draft by 6 p.m. Tuesday and e-mail to advisor.
*Retool a conference paper abstract and send in to panel organizer.
*Begin writing the "Longevity" chapter, with minimum 3000 words by Friday.
*Write at least 2 full morning pages each day.
*Write up list of questions for my next Prosecco Profile.
*Post every day this week.

As soon as Sunday morning rolls around, I promisepromisepromise to catch right up with your goals for the week, and the progress you've made.

Reward: extended Friday afternoon or Saturday morning artist date to blog and play at Origin8 cafe with rose meringues.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, no, Kiki!!!!! What chapter is that? I'm only at the very beginning of the book (second week) Well, something to look forward to...

    Good luck. Enjoy your Artist date, you'll definitely deserve it after this week. And tell us about it!