Monday, June 29, 2009

Revisionista: Goals for June 29 - July 5

Bonjour, mes amies. I have broken out of my tower a la Lady of Shalott after a productive writing morning. I managed to add 3pp to my academic book.

I need a shower & lunch, so this will be a quick post. I'm going to try to set gentler goals for this week. I am also going to accept that I basically have from now until Thursday to complete them since I'm heading to my parents' house on Friday for the holiday. So.....

This Week

  • Continue morning pages: am loving banging them out on le pink beast; they're riddled with errors but I'm finding that the stuff I write has more energy & honesty than some of the handwritten pp I've been doing. I think I've been journalling by hand so long, I sometimes don't catch myself when I'm talking at the surface level. The surface level of (I'm hungry, what am I going to do today) comes out so boring on the typewriter so it forces me to dive deeper for the real stuff.... (there'll be a post about all this craziness soon!)
  • Freewrite 8 singlespaced pp of CH 1 of the academic book (get into the fiction section)
  • Draft 20 handwritten, wild, messy pages of the NOLA novel
  • Draft & submit abstract to dharmagirl's collection! :)
  • REWARD: order favorite writing candles (Ooooo & go see Public Enemies avec Johnny Depp & Christian Bale! I'll probably do this regardless of whether I meet my goals so I'll stick with the candles as a reward!)
Happy Writing! Looking forward to reading everyone else's goals!!


  1. I totally agree with you re: Morning pages. When you handwrite you allow yourself to write everything and anything while when you type you feel like you need to write something 'proper'. I personally find it a bit frustrating the amount of rubbish that comes up in my morning pages, but every now and then there is a sentence which appears quite special, some tiny magic that wouldn't happen without the previous rubbish! It's nice to explore issues that otherwise would remain unsaid. I guess it's a process...

    Both your academic and creative books seem extremely interesting. I really enjoy 19th c literature. I understand you want to keep your anonimity.

    I have been writing my novel for two years now but the whole thing needs re-writing and even re-thinking.

    I love candles! Great reward! Post a picture too!

    Good luck with this week's writing!

  2. Just a question (another one...) Would you say working on 19th c literature affects your writing somehow? Novels nowadays are so different (technically). While doing the first year or my MA in Creative Writing, I was told several times (especially at the beginning): this story would be great if we were in the 19th century but now you need to 'show' more than 'tell'. Have you come accross something similar? When you say you want to write something more 'real', is that what you mean? A question of technique? (Sorry if I'm asking too much... I'm just really interested in other people's creative process).