Friday, June 26, 2009

Kiki: Friday SWIMming lessons

Officially I'm on holiday right now in Devon, so my writing goals were slim little things for this week:

*Draft all unwritten and scattered sections of "Studio" chapter.
*Write three full B5 morning pages each day.

One of the paintings that form part of the "Studio." Yes, this is a Chinese painting!

When I sat down to work on my chapter, I was completely surprised to find how much had actually been done. Last week I pushed really hard to get a ton of writing in, and that seems to have paid off! And now I can honestly say that all the unwritten and scattered sections of my "Studio" chapter have been drafted! That means Sunday-Monday-Tuesday can be spent in the blinkered state known as "de-sectioning" when I attempt to link the different sections of each chapter seamlessly together into one smooth 50-page work of art. Fingers crossed, that means I will meet my goal of getting the chapter draft off my desk by the end of day on 30 June!

Morning pages weren't quite so successful. Darcy has been so helpful in making sure I do them despite the distraction of being in a house with 16 other people, the lure of fresh green lawns for morning yoga and the call of rolling hills for morning runs. But so far, I have managed them each day, even if one or two days were more like "evening page" (late and singular) rather than "morning pages" (early and plural). I have not had the chance to do my Artist Date for this week, so I'll try to snag a quiet hour away from the crowd before Saturday night.

Now the question is, what will my reward be for getting my chapter out the door by 6 p.m. on Tuesday? Any suggestions?


  1. Great job on the chapter, Kiki! I hope the cleaning up is going well.

    As for rewards, is there something you don't get to do or treat yourself to v. often? Can't wait to see what you choose.

    I'm off to SWIM a little more & then I'll update my progress for the week.

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  3. You did really well! And you are in Devon! What a gorgeous scenary for your writing!

    I am doing sort of allright with the morning pages (although it's a good job that maybe never WILL BE READ BY ME OR ANYONE) but this week I have also found it quite difficult to manage the Artist date. On Saturday night I found a quiet place in the farm house where we were staying and spent time reading on my own. I'm not sure that counts...

    Is it Chinese History of Art you are writing your thesis on? What is your topic? It seems very interesting.

    I like Revisionista's suggestion for your reward: something you don't get to do very often. It's a really good call. Let us know!