Friday, June 26, 2009


Hi everyone!
Well, Friday! Since I only joined SWIM a couple of days ago I feel like 'evaluation time' has come faaaaaar too soon (excuses, excuses, excuses, I say to myself). I'm writing so early (and denying myself the chance to completely meet my weekly objectives) because in a minute I'm flying (well, metaphorically, I don't tend to travel by helicopter to go to work...) to Uni where we are hosting Open Days. After that I'm away for a friend's hen weekend. We are going to a little village in Derby, so lots of nice walks and pub lunches (I hope) and maybe some surprises there. That means no laptop, no Internet connection, no blogging... Interesting experiment.
Right, objectives accomplished:
a) Morning pages (reluctantly, at some point, but managed... I've realised how grumpy I can be in the morning!)
b) Creative writing module information document. Yeah! Done and dusted (and e-mailed to the relevant people). Just waiting for some feedback now.
c) Blogs. Well, here my writing power starts to flake... I managed to answer comments and I've posted a couple of videos in Ones.
d) MA application portfolio... Absolute failure. Nothing. Didn't even touch it.

Things that got in the way:

a) piles of laundry and other domestic issues which had been left abandoned for a while because of the hectic end-of-semester.
b) for the same reason, NOTHING IN THE FRIDGE. Had to go food shopping.
c) Answering students emails and giving feedback on exams FOREVER.
d) BOILER BROKE DOWN and had to get an engineer to come and fix it (He came but didn't fix it, he's suppose to come back now this morning and he has exactly 9 minutes to do it or I'll be gone to work).
e) There is one thing that I could maybe have done something about it. I have been soooooo busy during the last months that I haven't had the time to spend in my creative writing. Now I feel a bit scared about writing again. I want to do it, I will do it, but the classic blank paper block is acting on me. I know I need to get it right so I can take up my MA second year. Well, this will be my job for next week. Overcome this fear, believe I can do it and actually WRITE.
d) The other thing that gets in the way of writing and getting things done is my huge ability to get stressed out (just thinking about everything that needs to be done) and clog my brain with all sort of negative thoughts. Some work for me there, too.
REWARDS: I didn't have time to go out shopping for my top and, anyway, I decided I didn't want to spend more money this month before getting paid. Plus I haven't done everything I wanted to do... I'm not sure I've met all my goals, CAN I STILL BUY MY JOURNAL? Since I'll probably get some extra motivation from it, I think I will.
HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND! I look forward to reading about your writing week.
It's great being here!



  1. When the boiler breaks, that will really blow your whole week no matter what is on the schedule! Will you post a picture of your journal? I think we'd all love to see each others rewards!

  2. Hi Vienna~sounds like you had a hectic week.

    I say yes, yes, yes to journal buying. Do post a pic so I live vicariously :)

    I let #d on your list "things that got in the way" list to get in my way too this week. So, one of my goals for next week is to stop. freaking. out.

    Hope you're having a fun weekend!