Monday, September 21, 2009

Alison week 3 - checking in!

Checking in to review my goals from last week and put down my thoughts for this week:-

*3 posts regarding my trip to France (which was fantastic). YES
*Sign up for this travel writing workshop. I know that I will never be able to give up my full time job to pursue this ambition but it would be fun to develop this on the side. YES - starts Sept 28th
*Purchase and read a digital photography magazine as I am getting a digital SLR for my birthday this month (birthday money and additional money from my savings). YES (not read it yet!)
*Meeting with a friend/work colleague to work on a professional article which has already been accepted in a peer reviewed journal (based on some previous work that we have done). YES - awaiting editors comments
*Writing an abstract (with same person) for a conference in October 2010 in San Antonio, TX. NO - but a date is in our diary to do this!
*Catch up on google reader which is about to explode after holiday trip away from the computer. YES
*Pick up a copy of the book which I have 2 chapters in (launched on Friday). NO as the launch date has been put back but I did not realise as I am not in the office right now!

My uni friends visited so we had yummy food, shopping and some wine - the perfect reward!

My goals will be simple this week as I have a crazy week with another meeting re) return to work that I need to prep for.
* 3 blog posts
* Plan return to work (and put info into diary)
*Update blog roll (VERY out of date)

Reward - hubbie is out on Friday night so I will get some yummy food in and make a meal for one (with a dessert and a glass of wine!).

Hope every-one is well.


  1. Uh you did AMAZING!! Seriously I don't know how you do it with 2 little ones - incredible! I loved hearing about your France adventures. Moules frites... yum!

  2. you did fabulous darling!! gotta agree with carolyn on the fact that i don't know how you do what you do and then still have to take care of the wee ones. you are amazing!

  3. Good luck with your back-to-work!!!
    I love your rewards. Sometimes I find it difficult to cook especial food just for myself, so well done! I might copy you some day soon since R is away for a while filming. I love the the 'dessert and glass of wine' bit.

  4. Sounds great! Which DSLR are you planning on buying?

    And I agree with Vienna- your dinner reward sounds just perfect!!

  5. I wanted to say I am loving your France posts :)