Saturday, September 5, 2009

gussying up week 3

happy labor day weekend to you all. i am writing this from charleston, west virgina having fun on a mini vacation with family and friends.
one of my favorite streets in charleston. photo by moi
recap and outcome of week 3 goals:
- continue 3 posts on gussying up the tuttle & 1 post for my morgantown musings - yes, i actually got 8 posts on gussying up the tuttle and 5 posts on my morgantown musings with 2 morgantown photo ops.
- spend some time collecting my thoughts regarding my future as a massage therapist (start a notebook/file with thoughts and ideas) - yes, i wrote about this experience here
- morning pages if necessary - yes, i did get in some morning pages but not everyday.
- practice reiki on myself everyday and journaling about my experiences - mostly, i didn't do it everyday since i've been visiting with family and friends.

my reward: i bought a couple of massage magazines.

week 4:
i actually have more rewards set out this week than goals. i plan on seeing the wheeling symphony orchestra at the local amphitheater monday. i'm getting a thai massage on thursday. ryan and i celebrate our 4 year anniversary on friday.

i do have to stop by the morgantown beauty college to do some paperwork and a doctors appointment so it's not going to be all fun and games.

i plan on keeping up with my regular blogging, morning pages and getting back into a regular reiki practice. i also plan on continuing to reading through my massage therapy textbook to prep me for my classes.

i hope you all have a fantastic week. hugs!!


  1. Glad you are having fun with family and friends! Happy 4th anniversary!

    And Good luck with getting back into regular reiki practice. How long have you been practicing reiki?

  2. So much goodness happening this week! Congratulations on four years with Ryan - that's really wonderful. Thai massages are my absolute favorite, that's one thing I really miss about living in Beijing.

    Your goals and rewards this week sound like such fun. I'm really impressed that you're managing two blogs at once, and keeping up regular blogging at both of them. Go, Melita, go! It's been so great to get to know you as you've been making all these changes to your life.

  3. I love that you have more rewards than goals this week! That's fabulous!! :)

    Hope your week is lovely!

  4. So glad you have many rewards this week - weeks like that are so nice :)