Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Revisionista: Update & Goals Sept 14-20

Bonjour mes amies!

So, the one thing I can't seem to keep up with now that the semester is in full effect is tweeting and blogging. I'll have to figure out a way to make more time for this. I think one problem might be that the fun silly stuff going in "real" life is connected to my uni job & friends, and since I'm trying to keep my blogging/noveling habit in the closet (for now), I've become a bit paranoid about what I post.

Anyways, I'm making progress on my research & creative writing. Let's see how I did last week:

YES! (4 hrs) *60 min of writing practice (10min/day)
YES! (9:30 hrs & 4.5pp) *3 hrs of research book (aim for freewriting 5pp single spaced of intro)
YES! (made mix cd + cover art for peep's dance party)*Artist Date: cozy evening in my reading corner with candles, tea, journal, & a stack of books
Not Enough *Play in my garden (this could include anything from planning my Italy/Paris adventure next summer, listening to Italian podcasts, and reading for fun to journaling, collaging, blogging)

This week I'd like to focus on doing a few more things for moi, such as blogging, reading, book bath, Artist Date, etc.

*60 min of writing practice (10min/day) + 3hrs on Sat & Sun
*5 hrs of research book (aim for freewriting 5pp single spaced of intro)
*Revise article & return to editors
*Artist Date: ???? (need to plan something yummy!)
*Play in my garden (try for: 2 blog posts, 2 Italian podcasts, & a book bath)

Hope everyone else is having a good week!


  1. Good Luck with the goals! (Ooh- book bath- sounds soo relaxing. I need to pick up so many unfinished books.)

  2. I hear you on the paranoia - for me it's hitting on twitter. I have to be SO CAREFUL that I'm not posting "Yogademia" stuff from my real identity. Eek!

    It's fantastic that you're keeping up your writing practice in the face of all the other goals you're trying to accomplish! For your consistency alone, I think you deserve a book bath. What are you reading for fun these days?

    Good luck with the goals!

  3. Yes, using Kiki's word, that is one thing I love about you and your posts: consistency. You are doing so well! Even now, with all your classes! Definitely, an example to follow (I start next week with Registration and the week after with classes). I'm sure the back-to-blogging will come along soon.
    I see how complicated can get keeping both the academic and the writing persona separate! I read a chapter on 'The Self on the Page' (Celia Hunt), which suggested writing characters out of our different identities (real or dreamed ones). Maybe you could use the experience of 'hiding' your two personas in your creative writing.

    Ah! By the way, I remember you asked me about Ian McEwan's Saturday and I said I wasn't thinking much of it at the time. Well, I've changed my mind. It's just one of those books which ask you for patiente and faith at the beginning, but the second half turned out to be spectacular! I recommend it!

  4. I also hear you on feeling concerned about what to share on your blog/twitter. I try to make talking about my jobs vague and share more about myself personally rather than myself as part of my job.

    Good luck with your goals. I loved what you did for last weeks Artist Date.

  5. Re: twitter - remember you can delete a tweet if need be, so if you tweet and get a bad feeling of i revealed too much, there is always delete :) Also, if you are posting from two different identities (I know Kiki is, not sure if you are) there are twitter programs that allow you to work off both accounts at the same time, though I would personally find that too nervewracking.

    I do so love your consistency. It is very inspiring.