Monday, September 21, 2009

Tomato is Back!

I apologize for my brief hiatus last week. As most of you read my blog, I'm sure you know that it's due to an impending deadline for a project at work. Boo. I worked ALL weekend, and now I'm confident I'll make it. And that means I can enjoy The Rachel Zoe Project tonight! Ha. I'm obsessed...

Anyway, let me revisit my goals from way back when. I've been doing the 3-goal thang for awhile now and find that it's so much more manageable for me, esp. right now.

1. Journal daily with gratitude lists - YES! Maybe not daily daily, but most days. Gratitude lists really are genius.

2. Finish Pink Heels homework by Saturday - FAIL. I had to push back my session another week due to work. The homework I have is FUN (creating a vision statement and a mission statement and expressing each of them creatively in some capacity), but omg, kinda hard no?? Have any of you created a vision and/or mission statement??

3. Finish The Guernsay Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - YES! And oh my gosh, I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The entire book consists of letters (which I thought I'd hate), and it's both light and heavy at the same time. I highly recommend it. (Sadly I was unable to attend the actual book club mtg. Boo.)

Now onto this week's goals...

1. Continue journaling daily with gratitude lists. Work on adding "art" to my journal via stamps (i have TONS of rubber stamps), stickers, markers, collages, etc. (I've gotten uber lazy about this.)

2. Work on creating a vision and mission statement throughout this week (as in don't put it off til Saturday). Find inspiration in others' statements.

3. Write locker room post. I had a really emotional and difficult weekend. This is normally the type of thing I'd blog about, but for privacy reasons, I cannot. That being said, I'm aching to get it off my chest and get some feedback. Voila the genius locker room! I'm SO glad we have this place to share such things in an intimate and private setting.


  1. congrats on achieving your goals my dear. i think we are all loosening up to a locker room post. i haven't done mine just yet but look forward to getting some feedback from you all and getting things off of my chest.

  2. I'm glad you're almost done and dusted with the work which kept you away from us!

    I love your new goals. There is always something crafty and creative about them that I adore.

    Good luck this week!
    (Going to read your Locker's Room post now).

  3. I so hear you on doing small goals for busy weeks :)