Monday, September 28, 2009

Tomato: Moving On

Hello, my darling amies. After a whirlwind of emotions the past couple of weeks, I am finally starting to feel a bit settled again (although I'm in a TOTALLY different place than I was one week ago). We're all self-help junkies here, and even though I know that about myself, it's always amazing to actually see myself growing, maturing and moving on in life. That often translates into letting go, a notion that becomes increasingly transparent as I move through the different phases of my life. It's a journey, n'est ce pas? Must remember that.

And on that note, let's review last week's goals, shall we?

1. Continue journaling daily with gratitude lists. Work on adding "art" to my journal via stamps (i have TONS of rubber stamps), stickers, markers, collages, etc. (I've gotten uber lazy about this.) Check! I busted out my many rubber stamps and have had lots of fun using them, not just in my journal, but on snail mail and in my planner pad. I have so many fun crafty things that i often forget to use them. ;-)

2. Work on creating a vision and mission statement throughout this week (as in don't put it off til Saturday). Find inspiration in others' statements. Check! Wow this was really tough for me at first. In the end, I'm happy with what I created, but I have a feeling they will change in small ways or big ways. My assignment was to not only create them, but to express them creatively. Being a huge collager, I decided to use jumo size index cards and write my statement on one side and collage it on the other. This way I can keep them handy and portable and not just stuck on a wall. I guess I should share them, huh? ;-) (Sorry the pics are kind of small.)

My Mission: I strive to make the mundane sparkle and the everyday beautiful. Nurturing relationships, creative play, simple joys and unabashed enthusiasm for the color pink are the key ingredients to my happy life. Beige is BORING!

My Vision: To live simply and joyfully, wake each morning with excitement and feel gratitude each night, travel teh world, be a loving wife and mother, love every inch of my body, read and write daily, and constantly GROW.

3. Write locker room post CHECK! Merci beaucoup for all your touching comments. I really really really needed and appreciated them. *BIG HUG*

Moving on to this week's goals...

1. Send 3 people snail mail. I already sent oodles this past weekend, and it felt GREAT. I love making it extra special by throwing in some goodies, confetti, and decorating with stamps/stickers/glitter glue/whatever!
2. Write encouraging letter to myself to read when I'm overwhelmed at work. This is actually a Pink Heels assignment, but hey, if I make it a SWIM goal too then i'm BOUND to do it, right?
3. Practice nothing, then discover my truth. This is from The Joy Diet, and I think it's going to be hard for me. First, finding (and remembering) to do 15 min of nothing per day is tres difficult. Adding another component, truth, makes it even more challenging. I know there are oodles of my truths bubbling on the surface, waiting to break free.
That's all for moi - have a LOVELY week!!


  1. congrats on accomplishing your goals! and i LOVE your mission and vision cards. very cleaver and creative :) good luck with your goals this week - and why not double up on a pink heels/swim goal ;)

  2. c!! these are awesome collages and vision statements. i want to rush home and make some of my own :) xo, kaileenelise

  3. As I said on my DM tweet earlier these made me cry (in a really good way). I will try and post in the locker room - have Thursday evening to my-self so have scheduled it in for then.

    LOVE your statements, collages and every-thing that they represent. So excited for you as you move forward.

  4. your vision statements look lovely! Good Luck with the goals!!

  5. Love, love, love your creativity!
    Good luck with your goals!