Saturday, September 26, 2009

gussying up week 6

"what keeps a dock floating above water?" pier pressure

lame, yes, but do i care, no!! :)

ya know, with all of this swimming that i'm doing, i should be loosing some mondo weight but alas, i am not. haha let's revisit week 6 goals and outcomes:

week 6 goals:
  • try to forget about (yeah right!! ok minimize) the impact of my recent storm. yes, it is still rearing it's ugly head. i refuse to let it interfere with my fantabulous weekend!! i gotta say, i did pretty well at this one and i was surprised at myself and happy that i was able to do it so easily. there have been moments but overall things are looking a little better. thank you all for your kind words. hugs!!
  • work on a guest blog post that i have been asked to write (this made me incredibly happy!!) oh yes! i have done this and have been asked to do another guest post by miss city girl!! holla i'm so excited and honored to be guest posting :D
  • find some cute sailor terms so that i can use them in my posts to come :) and/or lame ones, um yes, i have that covered ;)
reward - went to a weekend retreat, went to the local wine & jazz festival, and indulged in a vinyasa yoga class tuesday.

week 7 goals:
  • work on city girl's guest blog post
  • focus on schooling - keeping up with assignments
i'm keeping my goals short, short this week for obvious reasons - i start class tuesday!! :D

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  1. *giggle* LOVE that joke!

    Good luck with the start of class this week - do you have your "first day" scrubs all ready to go?

  2. oh yeah, you can see a pic of me in my scrubs on gussying up the tuttle. i had to wear them for my orientation day too, believe it or not. i'd much rather be in my tranquilit but i guess at least scrubs aren't too bad.

  3. Loving the joke!

    Good luck for your orientation and commencement of your studies. Looking forward to hearing about how you got on.

  4. LOL - love the joke. Glad your week went well :)

  5. Just read your guest blog post! Lovely. Can't wait for the one on City Girl's blog..:)

    And that is an adorable picture

  6. You are so much fun!
    Good luck with your goals. Love your picture!