Friday, September 18, 2009

gussying up week 5

week 5 - already!! my how times flies when you are swimming along. :) i am checking in early as i'll be away all weekend sans computer. hooray for disconnecting!

week 5 goals and outcome recap:
  • i am going through a bit of processing some negativity out of my life at the moment so morning pages/journaling is key here. i thought about posting on the locker room but haven't committed. i'm still torn. um, yeah, my negativity hit me head on so hard that i in fact couldn't write at all. i am going to put up a locker post about this later next week after i sort through some details. i'm afraid it's going to be a terribly long post so my apologies ahead of time.
  • since the tea trading fun is almost here, i plan on sending everyone who joined snail mail thank yous. now here is one thing i did and can be proud of! i got all of the snail mail thank yous mailed this morning in fact!
  • seriously getting back into a regular reiki practice (and i mean it this time!!) again, boo for melita. have you all ever heard of a psychic vampire before? neither had i until my nerdy boyfriend pointed this one out to me. i will go into details about this in the locker room post but this is exactly why i've been a wreck recently and why i didn't do my reiki practice.
image credit here. it's called "freeing myself" - i thought it to be well fitting!

recently the waters have been very choppy for me. i have sent some of you emails regarding the situation but some of you are still unaware. don't worry, you will learn about this after my locker room post.

week 6 goals:
  • try to forget about (yeah right!! ok minimize) the impact of my recent storm. yes, it is still rearing it's ugly head. i refuse to let it interfere with my fantabulous weekend!!
  • work on a guest blog post that i have been asked to write (this made me incredibly happy!!)
  • find some cute sailor terms so that i can use them in my posts to come :)
you all have a lovely weekend! i hope that all get your goals met in this week to come. i will let you know when i have posted my locker room post. it will take me a while to formulate it.


  1. Oh, Melita! I hope you are ok. I am sure things will settle soon. Please, do write the post in the Locker Room. You know you have all our support. Being part of this group is helping me loads with my own storm. I hope you have fun with your tea trade initiative. What a great idea! Since I've been 'drowning' myself these last weeks, I've missed the chance. But next time (I hope there is one), I will love to participate. Keep swimming and smiling! We are all here for you!

  2. Melita- please don't apologize for long posts...:) Venting always helps- whether it be in your MPs or to friends you can trust.

    Enjoy your weekend- the retreat sounded fab!

  3. I think it is great that you are processing the negativity in your morning pages/journal. As you know, I have been going through similar and I have found both of those resources to be great for grounding myself and realizing what it is that I need. Have you tried sitting with the negativity at all? I got that advice from someone earlier in the week and the more I meditated on it, the more I found out why it was impacting me so much.

    Have a lovely weekend darling!

  4. I know this is a hard time, but I think you are doing a great job at taking care of you, both physically and emotionally. Like everone above said, we were here for you.