Friday, September 18, 2009

Kiki: Staying Grounded

I've just caught up on all your posts for the last week in one fell swoop. SO FANTASTIC! Reading about goals, rewards, Artist Dates, hopes, fears, troubles, and triumphs all together makes me feel really connected to all of you. We should seriously start thinking about having some sort of get-together in the future. Kind of like a Hip Tranquil Chick Retreat, SWIMmer's style. Rent a big place somewhere, do some yoga together, drink lots of tea...I'm sensing this might take at least a year to sort out. But I can't help dreaming big on this one!

Here's what happened this week:
1) Spent way too much time preparing for a job interview
2) Rocked the interview
3) First facial in several years (good, but I think the aesthetician overdid the Vitamin A mask a little)

Here's what didn't happen this week:
1) daily morning pages - I missed at least two days
2) yoga - actually, no real exercise at all
3) writing the research plan for my postdoc applications
4) Tidying up a writing sample for the same applications

And next week I'm back in the States for a month, flying madly up and down the East Coast over the course of four weeks. Things are going to get wackier before they get calmer.

This always happens when I get busy: the "non-negotiable dailies" fall to the wayside, which leaves me guilty for neglecting them, angry that I "don't have time" to do them, and feeling unmoored and ungrounded. I'm determined not to let that happen this time.

Goals 18 -27 September
*Finish postdoc app due 5 October (inc. research plan, class plan, writing sample, etc.)
*Complete draft of conference paper/presentation to be delivered 3 October 
*Work up practice "job talk" to receive feedback when I'm in the States
*Begin revising dissertation (I see this happening on the planes)
*Try not to get worked up about not working when I'm attending my oldest friend's wedding
*Three dailies: morning pages, yoga, and something creative - Tiny, if necessary
*Think positive about the job interview


  1. Just read your post and I CANNOT BELIEVE WE THOUGHT ABOUT THE SAME!!! If you read my post, which for some reason appeared just before yours, I wrote about a SWIMMERS CONFERENCE or something like that at some point in the future. Yes, we should do it!
    Your next weeks seem pretty hectic. I'm sure you will enjoy them and, yes, forget about work at your friend's wedding. I am a routine person myself and when I have to interrupt it or change it, I feel like loosing touch a bit. I am sure you will be abble to adapt and enjoy the ride (you have done it before so many times!)
    Good luck with your job interviews and make the most of your month in the States! We should try to meet up when you come back.

  2. Wow - you have been so busy. So pleased that your job interview went well and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Happy travels, make sure you have some fun time too (a friends wedding sounds perfect) and yes, flying is a great opportunity to review documents (I always seem to get so much done on a transatlantic flight if I don't get distracted by the various films on offer). Safe travels....

  3. By the way, congratulations on your job interview. Whatever the outcome you did fantastic! I still keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

  4. So glad that your interview went great!! A SWIMMer's retreat sounds fabulous!! I already feel like I know you all. This is such a wonderful, supportive, comfy group!

    I hear you on the exercise. (I really need to compulsorily exercise).
    Good luck with the apps and paper (and the three dailies). ANd have fun at the wedding. I have this bad habit too with mixing work and play. worrying about work while playing and getting distracted by play during work (I'm getting better at the former though..:D)

  5. I am so happy for you that your job interview went well. Sending you positive and luck filled thoughts.

    I think a SWIMMer's retreat is an excellent idea. It would be so lovely to be around all of you amazing people in a wonderful environment.

    Good luck with your goals this week.

  6. I am so happy your interview went well - so please dont be too hard on yourself about spending so much time preparing for it. It may well turn out to be highly worth it.

    Safe travels - if you are anywhere near WDC, do let me know :)

    FInal thought: wouldnt it be wonderful if planes and trains included exercise space? I realize this is a pipe dream, but when I was spending 20+ hrs a month traveling on amtrak (husband in DC, me in NYC) I always wished for that additional space.

  7. A SWIMers retreat sounds AMAZING!! I'm totally down for helping out with some planning!!

    Congrats on your interview going well (i knew it would!)