Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tomato: Week 12

Bonjour, fellow SWIMers! I hope you had a lovely long weekend. As for moi, I had a divine time in Canada and got some much-needed quiet and rest. Needless to say, I did not get any work work done while I was there. But it was kind of nice to just say, "It's okay. I'll get to it when I return to Austin." And that's just what I've done. As such, this week and this weekend in particular are going to be very work-intensive. I've already scheduled my 90-minute deep tissue massage (despite not meeting my SWIM goals from last week..)!

Speaking of last week's goals, I had 3:

1. Journal daily with gratitude lists - FAIL. I did journal, but failed to make any gratitude lists... oops!

2. Turn trip to Vancouver into one giant Artist Date. Take oodles of pics, write a lot, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy yourself even while working (I'm going to try and find a fun coffeeshop w/ free wifi so I can work AND indulge!) - Success! My trip was a huge artist date indeed, and despite the rainy weather, I had a great time exploring the city. Look out for a big post all about it on my blog later this week.

3. Respond to reader questions on blog - Check!

As for my Week 12 Goals, I'm keeping them to trois as well.

1) Journal daily with gratitude lists (FOR REAL this time!)

2) Complete Pink Heels homework by Saturday (my hw this week is kinda hard and tiresome, and i kinda want to put it off until forever...)

3) Finish reading The Guernsay Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (it's my book club book, and i started it in Vancouver and just adore it!).

REWARD: None b/c I already gave myself a somewhat undeserved reward this weekend. ;-)


  1. I find gratitude lists super helpful and powerful - and yay for your trip being such a success :)

  2. It seems like your trip was such a joy! Congratulations on your super-artist's date!!!

    I like your three new goals. They seem very realistic after a time away.

    The massage sounds just divine...

  3. Hi Carolyn!

    Ooh- Artist's Dates in Vancouver does sound lovely! Can't wait to read more about it. Good luck with this week's goals.


  4. good for you for rewarding yourself with a massage! :) i agree with city girl as far as gratitude lists go, they help keep the negativity at bay.

  5. I've been loving your Vancouver posts!

    I hope you get a little you time this week as you pull everything together for that big deadline for work.