Saturday, September 12, 2009

gussying up week 4

hello lovely swimmers!

week 4 was good for me. i got a lot accomplished and got a lot of rewards along the way :) cue the recap...
-did paperwork for my massage therapy program - check!
-doctors appointment - check!
-regular blogging - check!
-morning pages - check!
-regular reiki practice - fail!
-read massage therapy text - check!
fun stuff:
-seeing wheeling symphony orchestra - check!
-thai massage - chiggity check!
-celebrate 4 years with ryan - chiggity check!
rainbow over the hills of morgantown. photo by moi

week 5 goals:

it feels like my goals are the same week after week. so this week i'm gonna cut them a little short:
  • i am going through a bit of processing some negativity out of my life at the moment so morning pages/journaling is key here. i thought about posting on the locker room but haven't committed. i'm still torn.
  • since the tea trading fun is almost here, i plan on sending everyone who joined snail mail thank yous.
  • seriously getting back into a regular reiki practice (and i mean it this time!!)


  1. Yay! for mostly checks! oooh snail mail- That's a great idea!

    I should be posting my update too, but I want to squeeze in a leetle bit of work tonight and then write my update tomorrow..

    Good Luck with next week's goals (That Thai massage sounds wonderful, btw). Happy anniversary, again!! and double good luck for getting back into a regular reiki practice- you can and will do it!!!

  2. Morning pages are such a great place to work through negativity. After reading this last night, I decided to use morning pages as a source for sorting through the negativity. It worked quite well and allowed me to see it through a different lens. I hope you too are able to work through the negativity in your Morning Pages.

    Do you do self reiki?

    Wishing you success in all of this weeks goals!

  3. Well done on meeting your goals. Lots of positive checks there.

    Hope that the morning pages are helping you shake off some of the negativity.

    Good luck with next weeks goals.

  4. love your rainbow pic & all those chiggity checks! It looks like you had a funtabulous week!

    I hope this week is going well.

    PS~~I'll respond to your email later today!

  5. Check-tastic! You are rocking those goals!

    I'm really enjoying reading your posts about how this whole journey is going. This week may have tended toward the ridiculous with all the negativity, but it sounds like you are moving out of that with grace and speed.

    What will your rewards be for keeping up your reiki practice this week?

  6. I know we have chatted a bit over email but just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of how well you are doing in the long-term. The negativity you are experiencing is so hard, andI know you are working hard to process through it. A big hug.