Monday, September 7, 2009

Revisionista: Update & Goals Sept 7-13

Bonjour Mes Amies!

Welcome to our new swimmer, Driftwood! And welcome back to Kiki!! (Missed you!)

Before I dive into my update, I wanted to check on some of our other SWIMmers who I haven't seen too much of lately. Just want to make sure no one's lost or stranded ;)

I can't believe we're already in the second week of September. Overall, things are going pretty well at school. I'm really liking my job this year. In addition to getting to know my students, there have been all sorts of happy, silly distractions like agreeing to lead a book club discussion on the zombified adaptation of Pride & Prejudice for the undergrads, snarking at the annual welcome back parade with dept peeps, & making a mix cd for a dance party to celebrate the publication of a peep's new book. That said, I must make research the priority this week so I can finish this book and keep my job.

I feel like the fiction writing is coming along pretty well, especially since I picked up a few helpful hints from Driftwood's recent comments on my blog. But I'm definitely beginning to tread water with the Research Book Introduction.

So, let's see how I did last week:

YES! (6 hrs) *60 min of writing practice (10min/day)
YES! (5 hrs)*3 hrs of research book (let's see if counting hours will lead to increase in pages written)
YES! (looked but didn't find any shoes I liked)*Artist Date: might go shoe shopping later today if it's not raining when I get out of class; need to make a list of some other artist dates that don't cost any money (must start saving for European adventure next summer!)
YES! (blog post, made vision page for week, read for fun, book bath) *Play in my garden (this could include anything from planning my Italy/Paris adventure next summer, listening to Italian podcasts, and reading for fun to journaling, collaging, blogging)

Here's what I'm hoping to do this week:

*60 min of writing practice (10min/day)
*3 hrs of research book (aim for freewriting 5pp single spaced of intro)
*Artist Date: cozy evening in my reading corner with candles, tea, journal, & a stack of books
*Play in my garden (this could include anything from planning my Italy/Paris adventure next summer, listening to Italian podcasts, and reading for fun to journaling, collaging, blogging)

Overall I think my TINY goals are working, especially for the fiction writing. But I might need to amp up the research goals so I actually feel like I'm making progress.

Hope y'all have a lovely week. I'm about to clear off my desk and dive back into this intro for Le Rsch Book!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful week :)

  2. I missed you too! SWIM was always on my mind.

    Good luck with Le Rsch Book this week. I find that for work, Tiny goals don't get me anywhere near what needs to be accomplished. They work for yoga and writing practice. But I really need big chunks of uninterrupted time to write for professional reasons.

    Playing in the garden sounds wonderful. How is the Italian coming?

  3. you kicked ass on your goals! congrats! you are so very inspiring :)

  4. I am so glad the comment helped a little. I can't wait to read more about your fiction writing. Good luck with the research book! (and Thank you for the very warm welcome..:))

  5. Thank you for looking after everyone.
    Your tiny goals seem to be working for you. My initial thought is that, as Kiki, I need big chunks of uninterrupted time, in my case, to get anything creative done. However, given my current personal and professional circumstances I will start applying your 'tiny goals' rule to get myself back on track. And, hey, everything needs a start. I love the way we inspire each other and, at the same time, find our own ways. As Melita says, you are truly inspiring.