Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vienna: almost drowning and learning to SWIM again.

Hey, everyone!

It's been one week since I came back home and it has been a pretty intense (and not too good) week. To start with, my laptop CRASHED with loads of data in (I had backed up some but not everything), including my portfolio + MA application form + most of my summer writing+ my Spain pictures. Well, you know exactly how I felt. Anyway, there have been other things that I'm going to write about in the SWIMmer's Locker Room. Please, join me there.

For several reasons my goals for this week have been tiny and basic. They are:

1. Give myself time to re-adapt at work and prepare for the new academic year.

2. Yoga every day, twice.

3. Breathing exercises.

4. Journal writing + gratitude lists

5. Reading 'The Self on the Page', by Celia Hunt (A Creative Writing book for Personal Development).

6. Slowly get back into 'The Artist's Way' and both, MPs and Artist's Date.

7. Re-assess my overall situation (financial, emotional, professional, artistic) through my Journal writing and re-plan the academic year in an accepting and self-supportive way.

And that's all for now. I'm determined to SWIM again and overcome these unexpected difficulties in the journey. I leave you with another picture I took in Nakpaktós, in Greece.
See you all at the end of the week!


  1. aww..That really sucks! I hope you can retrieve all the data from your laptop. Good luck with this week's goals. hang in there! *hugs*

  2. Oh noooo I'm soo sorry. My laptop crashed the day after I took the BAR exam, and I lost everything b/c naturally, I did not backup. Good luck, doll! Hope your week improves.

  3. my goodness dear. i hope everything gets back to some normalcy for you soon. hugs!!

  4. It sounds like you have had a challenging week. Really hope that things improve and good luck with next weeks goals.

  5. Hey Vienna,
    How are things going this week? I bet all the journal writing, morning pages, & yoga will have you feeling better in no time.

  6. I'm about to post, actually. Thanks for asking, Revisionista. It's been a difficult but fruitful week (of some sort). I'm now trying to catch up with everyone's posts. Read all you soon!

  7. Have you found out whether or not your data can be retrieved?

    I'm really glad that you're going back to Artist's Way and morning pages. Doing that this summer kept me really grounded. I can't recommend it enough.

    Stick with it, Vienna. I'm about to go back to the States for a month, but when I get back, maybe we should consider meeting up somewhere in person if we both can find the time!

  8. Yes, the data can be retrieved; however, I can't afford it right now. But anyway, all in good time. Have a great time in the States and yes! we should definitely meet up when you come back. Thanks for your comment in Ona.

  9. I know I posted to your locker room post, but I am finaly catching up on leaving comments, and just wanted to say I am so glad that the content can be retrieved :) Even if it cannot happen right now, it represents hope :)