Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kiki: And the beat goes on

By now, you all probably know that I did not get the job. (Boo! Hiss!) I'm putting my creative energy into my work/applications to move all that forward and regain a little bit of control.

Dudettes, the academic job search totally sucks. But I digress. Let's check in.

Goals 18 -27 September

*Finish postdoc app due 5 October (inc. research plan, class plan, writing sample, etc.) 
Not so much. Good chunks of it are done, but not all of it.
*Complete draft of conference paper/presentation to be delivered 3 October 
This, at least, has been completed. And not just the draft - the final thing. 
*Work up practice "job talk" to receive feedback when I'm in the States
Not so much. But the room has been booked for 8 October, so I'm on the hook for it!
*Begin revising dissertation (I see this happening on the planes)
Yes, in the form of my writing sample for the postdoc apps.
*Try not to get worked up about not working when I'm attending my oldest friend's wedding
Here, I actually succeeded. It was a gorgeous wedding, and the bride was truly radiant.
*Three dailies: morning pages, yoga, and something creative - Tiny, if necessary
Haven't done any of these since Wednesday. Not even Tiny. I can't really explain why.
*Think positive about the job interview
Yes, well, I tried.

This week sees me in Boston, with a daytrip to Providence on Saturday for a conference. The nuttiness is firing on all cylinders. I leave today, and have meetings scheduled with everyone but my adviser WHO STILL HAS NOT RESPONDED FOR MY REQUESTS FOR A MEETING!!!!! There has to be a special level of Hell reserved specifically for AWOL Ph.D. advisers. Or at least some very bad karma. Plus, the stupid plane from England gave me contact dermatitis, which resulted in an infection and antibiotics. ARGH!!!!
Dear Universe,

I appreciate that you've got my back. But the lessons of self-reliance that you're teaching me with an AWOL advisor (lesson: find your own professional development support) and economy-class rashes (lesson: bring your own pillow, or don't touch ANYTHING in coach) don't have to be quite so rough. If you could lighten up just a touch, that would be superb. There's a lot going on right now, and I could really use a wee bit more support.


Goals 29 September - 4 October
*Write sample cover letter by Thursday 1 October
*Complete and mail postodoc app #1 by 2 October Friday
*Read and return comments on a paper by 2 October Friday
*Draft Job Talk and presentation for next Thursday
*Begin Edinburgh job application
*Ambush advisor - politely
*Write one morning page and do five minutes of yoga each day.


  1. Ugh that is SO frustrating!! There is nothing that irritates me more than ppl who DO NOT RESPOND. I'm really sorry you have to deal with that!

  2. Really sorry to hear about the job but just know that there is the perfect opportunity around the corner for you.

    Is it wrong that I laughed about your comments about flying coach? Sorry - you sound just like me. Really hope that the antibiotics did their job.

    As for people that don't respond. Like Carolyn says that makes me so mad (I like to at least be acknowledged even if if I can't get a full reply immediatly). I share your frustrations.

    Hope the rest of your travels go well. Been to Boston and Providence - like following where you are going as it reminds me of my own travels there. Have a safe and productive trip.

  3. hope you have safe travels and get some time to get in your goals and some tiny yoga ;)

    sorry you didn't get the job, but like gc said, there is something better waiting for you. i truly believe that.

  4. Oh, that is such a pain when advisors don't respond. The goodest luck with your next week's goals!! Glad that you are not allowing disappointments to bog you down *hugs*

  5. Really sorry to hear about the job. Anyway, something immensely better is waiting for you. I love your attitude and your re-directed energy. I also love the way you see a message from the Universe behind some things. This way of seeing things has really helped me cope with a few issues lately. I am sure the Universe is all there for you in your personal and professional quest. Enjoy the journey! Thanks for sharing.