Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vienna: Moving

Hi, everyone!
First of all just to say I don't have enough words to thank you for all your amazing support, advice, and well, for just being there fore me. It means the world. I absolutely love being part of this group. I was actually thinking, if we are still SWIMming in, let's say, a year or two, maybe we should organise a SWIMMERS CONFERENCE somewhere to meet each other. I would love to!

I will post the usual goal revision and setting here and I will also post a follow-up on the Swimmer's Locker room again. Just a short one, this time. The picture and title of the post refer to MOVEMENT. That's where I am right now. Moving. I read somewhere that suffering is being stuck. I only guess, the perfect medicine for suffering is then movement. I wrote a post in Ona explaining my little MOVES this week.

Last week's goals:

Give myself time to re-adapt at work and prepare for the new academic year. Yes! I have even written the Autumn term exams!!!
2. Yoga every day, twice. Yes! It has really helped so much. I feel so safe on the mat, and that'a a feeling I've tried to take with me to all areas of my life.
3. Breathing exercises. Magic! Even when it seems they are not working and you are wasting your time. You are not! Thanks to all your recommendations.
4. Journal writing + gratitude lists Yes! However irregular, short. Good tool to get rid of negativity.
5. Reading 'The Self on the Page', by Celia Hunt (A Creative Writing book for Personal Development). Yes! And I have used some of the exercises as inspiration in my new post in Writing in Spanish, my Spanish creative writing workshop, which seems to have more and more participants from all over the world. I love it!
6. Slowly get back into 'The Artist's Way' and both, MPs and Artist's Date. Ermmmmm... MPs have been mixed with journaling and all over the place, since the new academic year started. I didn't feel ready for the Artist's Way. I can see my main goal was to feel grounded again and, basically, to breath.
7. Re-assess my overall situation (financial, emotional, professional, artistic) through my Journal writing and re-plan the academic year in an accepting and self-supportive way. I suppose this is an ongoing issue. I'm still on it. I'm afraid I will have to say 'no' to some of my new academic year's plans. I'm still thinking the way around but I have managed to be supportive and understanding with myself since the opposite is not taking me anywhere.
I think I will wait a bit to post my next week's goals. Having missed a week I feel a bit mixed up with the time! I caught a cold aswell (ayyyyyy!) so maybe after the weekend I'll be able to think clearer. In a strange way I am enjoying this cold. I am enjoying taking care of myself.

Just in case you don't visit Ona, I'll leave you here with the same song I posted there. It's called MOVING and it has been 'The Song of the Summer' in Spain. It's half in Spanish and half in English'. It's really uplifting. I think you can enjoy it. Here it is: MOVING, by Macaco.

Loads of love to everyone.

Have a great and creative weekend.



  1. Glad that you are taking some time to reflect and catch up with your-self. I can relate to the self-care when having a cold, some-times it is what is needed to take that extra time out and pamper our-selves a bit. Sounds like the breathing exercises are making some difference which is wonderful. The academic year certainly feels like it has arrived in a bang.... I do feel like a hamster on a treadmill some-times!

    Wow - a SWIM retreat. Sounds like a wonderful future plan. I love being part of this group and the support is wonderful.

    Will listen to the song later when the little people are in bed. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. SWIMMER's conference sounds fun!! Really glad that things are looking better. My MPs (more like anytime pages) are all over the place too. But I think that is ok , as long as you are writing and getting stuff out, no?

    Get well soon (even if you are enjoying

    I think I need to do breathing exercises too. I remember, just before I came to the US (5 years ago), my mother made me go for this breathing related workshop. We did breathing exercises/meditation (sudarshan kriya) and it felt sooo good. Very energizing. I was so adamant about not going, initially, but I am glad I did.

  3. Your goals this week really show that you are taking time to focus on yourself. I think that is excellent.

    A SWIMMER's conference sounds like an amazing idea. It would be so nice to get together, do yoga and interact with all you lovelies who I feel like I already know.

    Feel better soon!

  4. Thank you everyone!
    Just to say I've stopped loving having a cold... It got worse and I've been in bed the whole weekend! Anyway, I seem to be getting better... Ready for the next week's challenges.

  5. Hi Vienna, I think focusing on the concept of moving is wonderful for the place you are innow. I will write more on your locker room post.

  6. SO impressed on your goals and your success with them! Yoga everyday twice a day?? Amazing!!