Monday, September 28, 2009

Vienna: New beginning and little goals

Hi everyone!

In 15 minutes I'll be teaching my first class this semester so I'll be quick. Everything now is so hectic! I know it will all settle down in a couple of weeks, though. I am a bit nervous but excited as well about this new beginning. There are many things I need to figure out during this week so I'm going to make them my writing goals:

1. Last July I was accepted in a Yoga Teacher Training programme. I've been wondering for ages whether I should go ahead or not. Mainly only financial reasons hold me back. There is a grant I can apply for; however, there is nothing guaranteed and I am afraid of struggling with the payments. The Yoga Centre has been fantastic and offered me all sorts of alternatives to make my life easier. I need to make my mind up this week. So I will explore the issue in MPs and/or journaling.

2. Figure out how long it takes me to plan my lessons and grade students' work.
3. Work out a fitness routine, both at home and in the gym.
4. Figure out WHEN is the best time for me to write creatively, squeeze it in my timetable and STICK TO IT. I might try to start with little writing every day to get into the routine (Revisionista style! Thanks for the idea!).
5. Work out a time for blogging and reading blogs (I found it so difficult last term).

And that's all for now. Just a few last words to let you know that I'm feeling so much better and things are still moving. Thanks for all your advice and for always been there.

Have a lovely week.
I'm heading to my first class now!


  1. first of all i am glad to hear that things are moving along (better) for you. good luck in your first class :) i hope you can work something out with the yoga teacher training. if you want it, you will find a way to get it :) good luck with all of your goals and have a lovely week! hugs!!

  2. Yay so glad to hear that things are progressing well for you. Good luck with teaching your first class!! And yes, finding time for writing is soooo hard. I hear ya on that one.


  3. Good luck with the teaching!! (And the rest of your goals too...:))