Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alison - week 4

My week has been filled with a cold (2nd one in 5 weeks so I am obviously run down) and also the little ones are full of cold and teething. So short of energy so I am glad that my goals were short for the week.

* 3 blog posts YES
* Plan return to work (and put info into diary) YES - had a meeting with the head of nursing and the dates are in my diary.
*Update blog roll (VERY out of date) NO - went to local Starbucks to work on this whilst the in-laws were baby-sitting and the local store does not have wifi! Way too fiddly to revise on my iPhone.

Again, simple goals for the week...

* 3 blog posts
* Update blog roll (will complete at home this time around!)
* Appointment with friend for meeting regarding abstract submission for a conference next year

Reward:- it is my birthday on Wednesday and I am hoping to get a digital SLR with a combination of birthday and my own money so some time spent "playing" with this next week-end would be perfect.

Loving the new photo on the header.... perfect and very autumnal.


  1. you did fabulous on your goals! happy early birthday darling!! i can't wait to see the pics from your new slr :)

  2. Get better soon. Yeah! A digital SLR! Enjoy it! And all the best for your birthday. Have fun!

  3. Happy early birthday! Mine is Sunday - can't beleive another year has gone by.

  4. Oops I posted that too quickly. I hope you and the little ones all get better soon :)

  5. Happy almost birthday!!! Don't you love simple goals? I love. :)

  6. Happy 'Birthday-Eve'!!..:) And good luck with the goals!!