Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Driftwood Week 4 goals

Hi all,

I am not going to dwell too much on last week's progress as I didn't do too much writing. I am going to focus instead, on what I accomplished and what I want to finish this week.
(Also can somebody tell me how to change the color of part of my text. I have tried for two weeks now, and can't seem to find the option anywhere..lol)


1 Read work related papers, the whole of last week
2. Managed to do some brainstorming yesterday and came up with some proposed changes to my existing experiment


1. Morning Pages, except for the weekend and Monday.
2. A paragraph of the 'story' which I am probably going to discard..boo.
3. Two food related blog posts

I didn't find time to excercise much though..:(

Week 4 Goals(29 Sep - Oct 4)- Going to keep this short and focussed..:)


1. Write up the proposed changes to my experiment, the rationale behind the experiment etc.
2. When I get feedback on my paper later this week, work on them.


1. Taking a leaf out of Revisionista's book, I am going to start doing timed/untimed writing practice. Atleast 3 times a week for 10 mins and 1 hour each on the weekend. That is atleast 2.5 hours this week

2. Morning pages, to sort out work related ideas

3. Let the writing practice lead into 'novel' writing.

The reason I am thinking of doing both MPs and WPs, is that I've been using MPs more to get more focussed for the day and sort out work related ideas etc. I want to use WPs for more creative writing. Does that make sense?

Have you explored the similarity/difference between the two?

Good luck with all your goals this week.

Lotsa love


  1. good luck on your goals!

    to change the color of the text, click on the T with the colored box beside it. (from left to right you have: the font drop down box, text size, bold, italics and then text color. i will know you have it if i see some color in your next post ;)

  2. Thanks Melita! I don't see the T with the colored box- how strange!! I only have bold, italics, insert link etc.