Saturday, August 29, 2009

Alison week 1 update

Thanks so much for the warm welcome.

This has been a strange week as we have all had colds and I have been running on a couple of hours sleep a night. Here is a review of my goals:-

*3 quality blog posts (at the moment I am typing them out exhausted when the little ones are in bed. I know the quality is not that great and would like to develop this area).
I have managed to complete this and am pleased that the quality is improving and I am regaining the blogs focus. I have also created some posts to be published when I am away.

*Get up to speed on my google reader account. I love to see what others are up to and it also offers inspiration to my creative journey.
Am now up to date (although I know it will be crammed full on return from my holidays but that's alright as that's just life!). I think that I will start to implement a system of reading blogs 3 times a week as opposed to daily as that seems more manageable.

I am writing this with my son asleep beside me and my rather wriggly daughter on my knee. Not the ideal environment for creativity but this is my life right now (which I love!) and until I return to work I will be the queen of juggling!

No goals for the next couple of weeks as I am in France but I am looking forward to catching up on my return. Have a fun and productive fortnight.


  1. sounds like you did a fabulous job on your goals. congrats my friend!! have a fantastic time on your vacation (not that you need me telling you that lol). :)

  2. Have a WONDERFUL time in France, my darling! You deserve it. :)

  3. Have a fabulous time in France!!!

    Look forward to hearing about your trip when you return :)