Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lauren's Check-In

Hi all,

Thank you so much for your kind words regarding feeling stuck. I know that this happens to everyone at some point or another, but lately it seems like I feel stuck in all aspects of my life and not just with writing. I'm setting small goals for myself with the hope of not feeling too overwhelmed.

Goals for this week:

-Journal about my responses and reactions to this article from the Icing blog called "2009: Where Are You At?"

-Read Michael Pollan's article, "Out of the Kitchen, On to the Couch"

-Do the week 1 assignment for my freelance writing course (an introduction plus why I want to be a freelance writer)

-Write a draft of an essay for Birthright Israel's essay contest on what the trip meant to me (2 winners get round trip tickets to Israel! Second place is a $500 Amazon gift card and third is a $250 Amazon gift card!). I have been wanting to put words to my experience for awhile now, so I figure that this is my chance.

-Keep up with my Morning Pages

Reward: I leave on Friday to spend a week in Maine with my boyfriend and his family. My reward is the trip and the gift of free time. If I don't finish these things, I'll be doing them at a lake in Maine when I could be enjoying myself!


  1. These sound like great goals and what a lovely reward.

    Also, are you a fan of Gala Darling? I absolutely adore her.

  2. That Israel essay contest sounds perfect for you - good luck!

    Your week in Maine sounds absolutely heavenly. I hope you and Jesse have a WONDERFUL time! You deserve it :)

  3. I love Gala Darling too--she always has such great new posts, ideas, links, etc.!

    And Carolyn--thanks for the good Maine wishes! I can't wait to go and RELAX!

  4. I love your goals for this week and hope that you have a fabulous time in Maine.

    I'd love to know what you think of the Pollan article. I started reading it and the other day after seeing you post about it here. I need to finish it, but it seems like it raises some interesting questions about cooking in the home and women's roles (at least in what I've read so far).

  5. Isn't it great to have the possibility of a big reward like a trip or goodies for your writing? No matter whether that reward is a vacation, a major travel experience, a book-buying spree, or just time spent over a mug of tea.

    I'd love to read your essays when you get them finished. Maybe something to post in the new locker room?