Saturday, August 22, 2009

gussying up - week 1

is there anything better than fresh watermelon on a saturday afternoon?! i think i could eat my weight in watermelon but don't simply for the fact that i don't like running to the bathroom every 10 mins :)

i'd like to say thank you for all of your kind words. you lovely ladies are one of the main reason why i became a swimmer. my first week of swimming lessons went rather well overall. here were my goals and results:

week 1 goals:
- try to do morning pages every morning (regardless of whether or not i reach 3 pages) - not quite every morning but i still see this as a success. i skipped two days because i just didn't feel like writing. the other days (except one) i actually wrote 3 pages. i feel that the quality of the writing i did the days i did my morning pages made up for the two days i didn't do them. so i see this as a success.
- blog at least 3 times on gussying up the tuttle and at least once on my morgantown musings - i did rather well on this actually. i figured i'd knock out the three blog posts on gussying up the tuttle and barely get in one for my morgantown musings. what actually happened was i got just three posts on gutt and did three good quality posts on mmm plus one photo op post.
- implement a reward system like you ladies have set up - i am still working the details of this one out. i think rewards will vary from week to week. if i have something in mind that i want to work for then i'll post that ahead of time, if not, then i will just give myself a reward after i have met my goals.
- make my weekly check ins on saturday (or at the very latest sunday) - it is saturday so kudos to me :) this goal i plan on continuing with.

i feel that i did rather well on my first week of swimming so for this weeks reward: figs! yes, sweet, juicy figs. i am going to the store later and buying myself some black mission figs! :)

this is my angel wing begonia. i thought these two leaves came together to show why it is named angel wing.
week 2 goals:
- continue with 3 posts on gussying up the tuttle and 1 post for my morgantown musings
- learn the bones of the body (in prep for getting ready to start massage therapy school in just a little over a month) this was a goal i set for myself for august. here it is the last week of august so i must get on this!
- continue morning pages if i feel that the quality of writing is good enough


  1. Love the photo of your angel :)

    great job with your morning pages & other goals this week.

    Your goals for the coming week sound super manageable! Good luck :)

  2. Love the photo - beautiful.

    Well done on meeting your goals last week (especially the morning pages). Looking forward to hearing about your achievements this week. Where in the body are you starting with? Are you using a text book? Have you got a reading list yet? Sorry, lots of questions!

  3. I think you did a marvelous job in week 1 of SWIM-ing, Melita!! Oh and learning all the bones in the body? Um, hard!!

  4. Melita, you did such a lovely job on your goals in the first week. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress as the weeks go on.