Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tomato: Week 10

Bonjour, my darlings! Remember when I said I'd start my goals on Monday? Yeah, that didn't work out so well for me this week, now did it? Here it's already Wednesday - oops! Ah well, let's revisit those Week 9 goals, shall we?


1) Write blog post on therapy avec Dr. G. Y'all have been so supportive about my decision to see a therapist, and I've been wanting to share some of the things I've discovered/learned about myself through my sessions with Dr. G. Le FAIL. But I will do it... soon.

2) Devote Friday night to crafting, creating & writing. Make it a lovely artist date complete with yummy food & fun jamz. I didn't do a ton of crafting & creating & writing, but I did keep it mine, which is what I intend to do from here on out. I need my Friday nights to myself!

3) 1 morning of morning pages (on a normal work weekday!) Oui, and it was divine, but I am still oh-so-struggling with my mornings... :(

I'm kind of having a rough time. Not sure what's going on. Part of it is that work suddenly got so busy, and I'm so not used to it. Part of it is that when my schedule gets more chaotic, I crave solitude even more and feel bad about saying no to social engagements and other obligations. Do y'all have trouble with this? I feel guilty about putting me first.

Last night, after a particularly rough day at work, I decided to have a ME night - no work, no obligations, no guilt. Instead of hopping on the treadmill, I crawled into my bed with My Life In France and proceeded to stay there until I finished. It was divine. I need more ME nights.

And with the whole ME concept in place, voila my Week 10 Goals:

1. Keep my Friday nights sacred, and say no when you have to. And DON'T feel bad about it!

2. Re-implement the 11 p.m. lights out rule, and set wake-up time to 7:30 a.m. (will be earlier next week if this week goes well). Give myself at least 15 minutes to do morning pages.

3. Replace evening laptop time with book time. It's so easy to drag my laptop into bed with me, but I don't think it does me any good. And since I'm on a computer ALL day at work, it would be nice to indulge in my 20+ books instead of indulging in the internet.


  1. LOVE this post, Carolyn!

    So glad you claimed Friday as your MOI Night and that you got in some morning pages.

    Maybe figuring out your MOI time in your planner would help you feel less guilty about saying no to other commitments. If someone wants to hang out, you can just look at your planner and see that you've already got another commitment at that time. No one has to know that you're taking a bubble bath or reading a book instead of hanging out.

    Love your 11pm lights out rule; must try to borrow that on nights before I teach. I find that making coffee the night before so all I have to do is flick a switch in the morning helps me pop out of bed when the alarm goes off.

    Hope you're having a good week! :)

  2. i think you did rather well my dear! i love the moi time. don't feel guilty about it! i agree with revisionista about no one has to know what you are doing ;)

  3. I follow exactly what Revisionista said - ie I write down me time in my planner pad and if someone wants to do something then, I evaluate it against the fact I already have an appointment/commitment. If said friend wants to get together because she's going through a rough time, i will often reschedule my me time, but if it's a social invitation, I have no guilt saying no. As an example: I cancelled a Sunday afternoon of moi time in June (despite it being the only moi time in weeks) to visit a friend whose father was in the ICU but would have picked me over the impromptu BBQ i was invited to for that day even if I had not already planned to see my friend over moi time. Ok, I am not sure this sentence made sense but you know what i mean :)

    Keeping Friday nights sacred has worked well for me for years, even now that I am married. We rarely tend to do a date night on Friday night and leave as much flexibility as possible for Friday nights.

  4. I think it is excellent that you are taking moi time. I find the more I practice at making moi time a priority, the easier that it gets.

  5. I love your decision about ME time and its second part, not feeling guilty about it. I also like your decision of swaping laptop with book in the morning. The amount of time we spend staring at a computer screen! Laptops can be very addictive, or at least they are for me. I'm still in Greece now and will be back to the UK on Tuesday. I don't know what is going to happen the first day I try to get up at 6am again! My morning routine is absolutely gone and lost in time right now!

  6. I love your post. ME time is so important (even just to day dream). I also love the swapping your laptop for a book suggestions. The amount of time I waste browsing the internet randomly is amazing. I try and concentrate on what I need to do now and log off (most of the time!).