Monday, August 10, 2009

dharmagirl: goals august 10-16

sunset over Lake Michigan

Last Week's Goals
1. try to write a little something every day. mostly
2. soak up beauty.yes, yes, YES
3. wonder at the natural magnificence on the long drive. yes, until i was overcome by caffeine deprivation
4. ponder important, big things whilst driving. yes, yes, YES
5. enjoy my friend's company. yes, yes, YES
6. be in the moments. yes, yes, YES

Hello! I am so glad I made the epic drive (8+ hours each way) to go visit my best friend H and her family in Northport last week. We had a lovely time catching up, chatting, sharing our dreams and fears. And, this place is absolutely beautiful and magic. Every time I visit, driving the undulating roads through orchards with sapphire lake and sky peeking through, well, I can believe that *anything* is possible. My life seems full of absolute possibility and goodness, I think in poetry and love, and, well, it's just an amazing way to be.

And now I'm back home, and the inspiration still lingers, as I gaze at my photos from the trip. The inspiration grows as G and I watch Julie and Julia in the theater, and it continues to flow as I set aside my now-filled journal and start a new one, with new goals and dreams and directions.

My flexible morning rituals are coming along nicely. I like to practice a handful of sun salutations while my milk is heating for cafe au lait and my oatmeal is cooking. After breakfast, I'll often turn to my MPs or to my blog for the first words of the day. At some point I like to fit in a little walk. BUT, some days the walk or blog or even MPs might be shifted to the afternoon, and that's okay. The good news is that I'm so addicted to journaling that if I *don't* fit it in at any time during the day, something seems a little off. This is huge. I lost this addiction for the past few years, and in doing so lost a vital, alive, true part of myself. I think MPs keep me honest with myself, don't you?!?

Anyway, I'm rambling here. This week needs to be school focused, and that's okay. I'm actually feeling excited to be back in the classroom, hopefully sharing some of the inspiration I've gathered this summer with my students and anyone else who will listen.

Goals for August 10-16
1. read to page 109ish in The Time Traveler's Wife for book club
2. write blog entry about Leelanau
3. finish ENG 102 syllabus
4. choose films, TV, etc for LEC 100 class
5. find articles, etc. for WOM 203 class
6. MP's each day
7. try my hand at writing the lune
8. catch up on emails to far-flung friends

Reward: ?!?


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful weekend :)

    I'm hoping my copy of Time Traveler's Wife will arrive this week so I can read it in time to see the movie next week.

    good luck with your goals this week and starting the new journal, pursuing new dreams, passions, etc :)

  2. MPs absolutely do keep us honest. If we aren't doing them, or some sort of journaling, all that muck just layers up on itself inside us and hides the things that need to come out, good and bad.

    Your morning ritual sounds wonderful, especially with the cafe au lait and oatmeal. There's something so romantic about cafe au lait that beats a latte any day of the week.

    Good luck with everything!

  3. I loved your post, particularly the part about morning rituals. I am so glad you are feeling so much inspiration and happiness. :)

  4. Your mornings sound divine. Question: Do you just heat up milk and add to coffee? Do you have a frother?

    I'm reading Time Traveler's Wife for book club, too! It meets next week, and I JUST started - eek! Luckily I heard it's a great book so hopefully will be a quick read. ;)

  5. i love my cafe au laits! i heat up the milk in a pan on the stove until it's steaming, then i dump in some organic raw sugar (florida crystals--it has awesome flavor). i use a mini whisk to froth it, and then add it to my coffee cup. it tastes better than any cafe au lait i've had at a coffee shop...i use alterra coffee--they're a milwaukee coffee roaster.

    the book is great--mysterious so far. we're reading the book in sections for our club, and i'm dying to read more...good luck! we'll have to chat about the book too!