Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And so I bid you adios....

School starts up again next week and I am in for a very rough semester. After my trip to Maine last week I did some long and hard thinking about how I spend my time, where my stress lies, obligations vs free time, etc. In all of that, I realized that I need to cut some things out. Unfortunately, writing here, as well as most free time type writing, will need to take a backseat until I graduate in May. I can barely keep up with Everyday Revelry (and may not even do that very often), so I need to cut back elsewhere too.

Well, my dear SWIMmers, it has been a great run with you all.

I hope to join you all again next summer. Until then, happy writing!



  1. I definitely understand the need to prioritize and cut back on some things.

    I hope you have a great semester and find some small moments for your personal writing!

  2. sometimes we just take on too much. i respect the fact that you have to get your priorities in order. i hope you have a productive semester :)

  3. Good for you :) I can't wait til you rejoin us :)

  4. I hope your final year of school goes super well.

  5. Good luck with the new semester. I totally understand your decision. Till next summer!