Friday, August 21, 2009

Vienna: a thought before Greece.

Hi again!

This might be my last chance to 'mini-post' till next week, since tomorrow I am leaving Barcelona to fly to Athens. I am quickly using my sister's computer now so, again, I'll be brief. I am very looking forward to re-take my writing and blogging routine and catch up with all your blogs. I will definitely be using our new 'Swimmer's locker' since I'd like to share something which I don't necessarily want to make public but I feel like I need to write and share with you.

For now, just a thought: Writers need solitude. This sentence keeps popping in and out of my mind, like a mantra. I feel like every effort I made in July to create a space for 'my artist' is going to waste. However, I suppose I'm learning from my mistakes. I need to make time in my life for my writing. I need to put myself first for once and I will have to do it or my dream will never happen. My artist is screaming inside. From now on I am determined to listen.


  1. i think it's always best to listen to our inner voices. i love your sentence, i see it as a mantra too! have fun in athens!

  2. have a fabulous time in Greece! And I totally identify with your post. Maybe think of this as a phase/process you have to go through to get to the kind of writing place you want to be.

    Looking forward to more posts from you when you return! :)

  3. What an excellent mantra you have chosen for yourself. I hope you have a lovely time in Athens.