Monday, August 31, 2009

Vienna: Back in Barcelona for my last day of holidays.

I am back in Barcelona now, quickly writing from my sister's computer again. I first sat down with the intention of posting a summary of all my thoughts and (good) writing intentions for this new academic year. A summary of the struggles and reflective moments I've experienced all trhoughout my journey. However, I feel like I need to digest loads of things. I need to sit down with my own thoughts, write them down, think about them, put them into the right order. Again, make some clear space in my mind and my life. Understand. If I've missed one think during these days, it has been silence. For reasons I will later explain, I haven't been able to have one minute just for myself. There have been mistakes but also, new ways to cope with the consequences and some 'never again' situations. Live and learn, I suppose. Thus, at the moment I'll leave you with one of my pictures and I'll get back to you once I'm back in the UK. The picture shows one of the beaches in Nafpaktós in Greece (previously named 'Lepanto' by the Venecians and famous for its battle in 1571). Here on this chairs facing the Corinthian see I used to have my breakfast of Frappé (Greek iced coffee) every morning while we stayed in the town.
Thank you very much for your supportive comments. It has been great knowing that, in the distance, I still belonged to this fantastic SWIMmers team.


  1. glad to have you back. i most certainly understand about digesting and processing things before sharing. if i share before i process things tend to get jumbled and confused. can't wait to hear more about the trip. i'm glad you are going to incorporate giving one thing a day into your routine. i am curious to see how it works for you. have a wonderful week! :)

  2. oh my goodness, that's a gorgeous photo! :)

    I think you're right to just sit with your thoughts and continue processing what you want/need.

    I'm finding that right now really tiny creative writing goals are helping me stay in touch with that part of myself. Just wanted to pass that along in case it sparked anything for the plans you're making for the new school year.

    Enjoy your final day in Barcelona!! :)

  3. Beautiful picture! I hope you enjoy the last day of your vacation.