Sunday, August 30, 2009

gussying up week 2

i hope you all had a glorious weekend as i did. i'm writing this on sunday due to saturday being a very energy filled day. i took a reiki 1 class from 10 - 4. it was information packed and intense 6 hour course. there were just two of us taking the class. although the class was small, in all honesty, it couldn't have worked out more perfectly as far as i'm concerned. i have had energy work done before by the instructor and had some amazing results. i instantly clicked with the lady that was taking the class with me. it's as if i already knew her although i've never seen her before. i don't know if you believe in synchronicity at all or not but yesterday made me think a little more about it.

while we were sitting on yoga blankets in the floor in sukhasana i happened to look over at my fellow class mate and she had on the exact pendant that i wanted to get at our local bead store. it was a gorgeous tibetan pendant with turquoise around a tibetan symbol. later on i asked her, 'did you get that at the beadmonster?' and she was like 'yeah, how did you know?' and i was like 'cause i had my eye on it and was going to buy it but didn't have the money that day and when i went back to get it, it was gone.' we shared a laugh over it and she told me we could share it. :) i told her that it was where it rightfully belonged but that i was a bit jealous. we again laughed and laughed. it seemed to make our connection grow even stronger.

to finish up our session we got to practice reiki on each other. it was extremely powerful. it was a great experience and definitely left me curious for more. one day i hope to make it to reiki master.

i came home starving after my reiki class. i heated up some vegetarian chili that ryan had made the night before and ate that while telling him high points about the class and about meeting my fellow class mate. all of the energy i had expended earlier in the day left me longing for a nap and with my belly full of chili, that is exactly what i did. i spent the rest of the evening sharing an ice cream and book store browsing with ryan. after our running around we came home and shared the couch reading our new purchased material (him - 'the serpent and the rainbow: a harvard scientist's astonishing journey into the secret societies of haitian voodoo, zombis, and magic' by wade davis and me - the september of real simple magazine).
tree at cooper's rock - photo by moi
recap & outcome of week 2 goals:
- continue with 3 posts on gussying up the tuttle and 1 post for my morgantown musings - YES
- learn the bones of the body (in prep for getting ready to start massage therapy school in just a little over a month) this was a goal i set for myself for august. here it is the last week of august so i must get on this! - actually no. i know most of the major bones of the body but don't know them all. i spoke with a mentor about where i should start to help prep for my classes at the end of september and she recommended that i start with a massage therapy book that i have.
- continue morning pages if i feel that the quality of writing is good enough - i am afraid that i didn't do a single morning page but i don't feel a bit guilty for it either.

my reward (even though i didn't fully deserve it): real simple magazine.

week 3 goals:
- continue 3 posts on gussying up the tuttle & 1 post for my morgantown musings
- spend some time collecting my thoughts regarding my future as a massage therapist (start a notebook/file with thoughts and ideas)
- morning pages if necessary
- practice reiki on myself everyday and journaling about my experiences

i encourage each of you to give one thing this week - whether it be holding open a door for someone, pay someone a compliment, a hand written thank you card, even a smile. see how it makes that other person feel and subsequently how it makes you feel. it's so simple but yet so powerful. it can even turn your day around.
i hope you all have a productive week.


  1. Ooh i've never heard of reiki... must look into it. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful weekend. And i so love and admire your attitude, Melita, about not feeling guilty about not doing morning pages or whatever. It's something I'm struggling with a LOT lately!

  2. Long time ago I worked in a children's hospitals and I met a nurse who used to practise Reiki. It really made a difference with the kids! I look forward to reading more about your Reiki experiences.

    Your invitation to make sure we give 'one nice thing' to somebody else sounds great to me. From tomorrow I'll be diving straight into my routine after three weeks away from home, so it sounds like a good way to make my transition happier and more meaningful by stopping myself from just concentrating on my 'back to school' feelings and realising how grateful I am for the people with whom I share my daily life, both personally and professionally.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful Reiki class.

    And like Carolyn, I also like that there's no guilt attached to not doing morning pages. I think certain rituals/practices make sense at different parts of our lives. We can pick them up and put them down whenever it feels right.

    Good luck with your goals this week. It's so great to "watch" you going after what you really want to do! :)

  4. Your reiki course sounds amazing. Are you planning to practice reiki as well or are you just taking the course as general interest?

    Like both Revisionista and Carolyn said, I think it is amazing that there is no guilt associated with not doing your morning pages. It is something that I struggle with quite a lot.

    What a great challenge to give one thing this week. I made five hand made thank you cards for the people in my life earlier this week and I was amazed at what an atmosphere of gratitude was created by giving them and putting gratitude out to the universe. Great challenge.

    How did you like Real Simple? This months issue was my favorite issue in a long time.