Sunday, August 23, 2009

Revisionista: Update & Goals August 24-30

With Week 1 of classes behind me, I'm beginning to see that I'm going to have to revise how I'm going about some things to make sure that I prioritize my most important goals. As Kiki said in one of her blog posts, there's enough time in the day to do everything that's IMPORTANT, so I think I'm going to downsize my goal lists (taking a page out of Carolyn's play book) and focus on 3-4 Most Important Things.

Last week I managed to get 4 of my goals checked off (although the list was long, I'd aimed for checking off 4-5 items).

*Artist Date (no idea yet)
YES! *60min of writing practice (10min/day)
*5pp of intro for academic rsch book
*Add notes about changes to TS article
YES!*Finish 1 fun book
*2-3 blog posts
*1-2 Italian podcasts (I listen to My Daily Phrase Italian on itunes, Kiki)
YES!*Plant 1 or 2 new seeds in my metaphysical garden
YES!*2-3 days of journaling/morning pages

Let's see how I do with a more focused list this week:

*60 min of writing practice (10min/day)
*Freewrite 5pp of rsch book intro
*Artist date: shoe shopping & matinee next Saturday
*Play in my garden (this could include anything from planning my Italy/Paris adventure next summer, listening to Italian podcasts, and reading for fun to journaling, collaging, blogging)

It'll probably take a week or two for me to get in sync with my schedule this semester, but hopefully little goals like these will help me stay in touch with my writing priorities and some of the self-care rituals I started this summer.

Have a fabulous week, SWIMmers :)


  1. Well done on meeting your goals last week. It sounds like you are in a period of transition whilst you settle into your new semester. Love your artist date and also your time in the garden. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip next summer - planning is so much fun.

  2. You did an excellent job on all your goals last week!! Curious to see how your shorter/more focused goals work out this week. Am loving your postcard blog posts, too!!

  3. It's been very good reading your post. Even though I am only back in uni on the 1st of September, my classes won't start until the end of the month, so I'll be facing similar questions then. I look forward to reading your posts for some tips on how you make time for everything that is important. I particularly liked this time the use of the word 'important'. I made me think, since 'time' is one of the main issues around my writing (or lack of it).

  4. I rarely bring myself to make lists, let alone complete the content of what would populate them - kudos to you!

  5. congrats on accomplishing everything you did!

  6. Setting little goals during a time of transition is a fantastic idea. How are they working out for you?