Sunday, August 2, 2009

dharmagirl: goals august 3-9

Goal Update...

Goals July 27-August 2
1. write email to campus about Poetry event on Thursday yes! plus follow up email about how fabulous said event was and how lame people were for not coming (no, not really, exactly, but wanted to say that:)
2. select poems to read at aforementioned poetry event yes
3. craft ENG 102 syllabus yes--schedule all set. need some new prose, but have ideas in mind. will blend with existing syllabus prose
4. work on novel collaboration project yes--set up wiki and worked on characters a bit
5. read one hour each afternoon sorta. started reading Dracula, and read for longer at night too, a great collection of essays, Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume
6. create versions of morning rituals--flexibility is a key! not every morning is going to be/should be the same yes, and this worked really well
7. post two year anniversary blog on monday yes!
8. do something really fabulous and fun yes! spent lots of time with super awesome person
9. continue reading writing advice books for a) myself and b) for ENG 102 inspiration yes! digging Twyla Tharp!
10. check in with fellow bloggers yes, though not as much as I'd like. it's hard to keep up, especially when I fall behind. so if i don't comment, please know that i'm still paying attention to you and your conversations:)
11. MPs yes!

This past week was just the week I needed: a relatively quiet week, with no visitors and no travels. One major event, a poetry reading that I hosted, plus some fairly significant personal events/fun, still fit into my routine. I felt happy and accomplished all week, able to balance good eating and exercising with the work of writing and reading and thinking ahead to fall semester a bit.

In fact, this week went so well, that I was loathe to leave the routine for a fun break. Every summer I head to one of my best friend's parents' home in Northern Michigan for a few days of good girlfriend bonding time, shopping, eating, wine-ing, and beaching. It's a bit of a hike from here--an 8 hour drive--and I nearly discounted the trip because it would be a lot of driving and time away from my lovely routine.

But. Then I looked at my calendar, and the big START CONTRACT DATE near the end of the month, and realized these days where I can come and go as I please are coming to an end. I'll be in a much stricter routine soon enough, and should take this time for myself, and to visit my friend, and to enjoy the most beautiful, restorative place I know. And so, my goals for this week are simple:

1. try to write a little something every day.
2. soak up beauty.
3. wonder at the natural magnificence on the long drive.
4. ponder important, big things whilst driving.
5. enjoy my friend's company.
6. be in the moments.

Happy week, everyone:)


  1. I'd love to hear more about your flexible morning rituals! I'm currently working towards a morning ritual, but taking baby steps. :)

  2. Your plans sound amazing! And yes, you are so right. The flexible times will come to an end. You better make the most of the rest of the summer! Only this summer (new job, new university) I have been expected to actually be in the office every day (apart from my annual leave entitlement) and I really felt the difference (in a negative way) and a kind of loss of freedom. So I would say again, yes! go to Michigan and have a great, fun and restaurative time!
    Congratulations on achieving your goals last week!

  3. Michigan sounds lovely. Hooray for contracts, but you make a good point about just how much that sort of responsibility impacts your routine and your flexibility.

    Drive safely, happy writing, and enjoy the girl-time!

  4. i'll post more about my flexible rituals when i return, i promise:)

    have a great week, ladies!