Monday, August 10, 2009

Revisionista: Rewards, Update & Goals

Bonjour mes belles amies!

Let's talk rewards first since I finally went on my shopping trip for my CH 1 treat. And oh did I treat myself. Around this time of year, I usually head to the mall to find a couple pieces to add to my teaching wardrobe, but after browsing through Macy's, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor on Friday, I didn't really see anything to my liking. I think the current fashion trends are confusing me--BR is all about the bombshell 60s with pencil skirts and silky tops with whimsical bows and/or ruffles. Ann Taylor has gone animal print wild and all the rest is a throw back to the 80s, and while I love having a retro 80s dance moment, I'm not so sure I want to go back to the fashions (bomber jackets are apparently in). Plus, in general, I'm in the middle of figuring out what my classic/bohemian sides really like and if there are clothes that speak to both of them.

SO, on Saturday I decided to hold off on clothes shopping and instead go for a proper bra fitting to find a nice bra or two from Intimacy as my CH 1 reward. I'll probably go into more about the fitting on my blog, but a pic of the Aubade bra (from a Parisian lingerie house that's been around since 1875!) I bought is above. It makes me feel so chic and so fabulous and the color is just grand. Plus, it was really special to do something that decadent for my body because while I don't even blink when it comes to splurging on journals or fountain pens, I'm much more frugal when it comes to clothes and even more so when it comes to undergarments.

When I was walking around the other luxury stores at Phipps Plaza sighing oh la las at every other display, I realized that there is a Becky Bloomwood inside of me who's just dying to get out. I've gotta keep girlfriend in check for the moment, BUT I was thinking that I might write my way to getting some of those "desperately important" luxury items I'm now craving. So, I'm thinking that I'll treat myself when I finish completing the draft of Le Rsch Book, completing & typing a first draft of the novel, and for submitting query materials for the novel to agents. So, I have A LOT of writing to do in the next couple semesters so I can get my 3 decadent rewards!

Since I'm saving up for some serious indulgences, my weekly rewards will have to be much more modest.

So, let's see how I did this past week:

YES! *417 syllabus, BB setup, & first day brainstorm
YES! *310 syllabus, BB setup, & first day brainstorm
managed 4/7 *Aim for 7 hours of novel time
no *Type last week's novel pages
YES! *Gather materials for Le Rsch Book introduction
no*Read/skim vol. I of E for CH 5 of Le Rsch Book
YES! *Outline fall teach/research/novel agenda
YES! *Artist Date ~~had fun exploring new fragrances & I would say bra shopping counts as an Artist Date because I'm kinda creating myself
YES! (2) *2-3 blog posts
no*1-2 Italian podcasts
no*Start mapping out dream trip itinerary for Italy
no*Send City Girl a pearl of wisdom

Since I managed to get the syllabi drafted, which was the priority for last week, I think I've earned my reward of Season 2 of Mad Men through Netflix.

With the teaching stuff under control, I'm gonna spend my last week of vacay focusing on research and novel writing.

*Aim for 7 hours of novel time
*Type last week's novel pages
*Freewrite 5pp of Intro for Le Rsch Book
*Notes on Vol. I of Estelle
*Add changes to TS Article
*Proof, copy, & BB 417 syllabus
*Proof, copy, & BB 310 syllabus
*Finish 1 fun book
*Send City Girl pearl of wisdom
*Artist Date: bookbinding workshop on Saturday

Reward: take novel out to lunch or coffee later this week

This week I took Carolyn's smart suggestion & put my SWIM goals in my journal so I can look back at them without having to get online each time.

Sorry for the tres long narrative. I'm definitely hoping to set aside some time later today to catch up on what y'all have been doing. Until then, I hope you're all having a fabulous start to the week!


  1. what a lovely bra:) i now go see muriel, master bra fitter, whenever i need new foundational garments, and it's made a huge (ha!) difference.

    big rewards, well, i understand that. i have 2 fancy rewards from my dissertating times (thank goodness for student loan money).

    good luck meeting your goals this last week of vacay!

  2. The Aubade sounds so perfect for you - there is no doubt in my mind that the thought of it will help your novel writing! Bra shopping absolutely counts as an artist date! I'm so pleased you had such a positive experience.

    Just like you, I'm downshifting my weekly rewards to allow for bigger rewards for reaching more important milestones.

    Your bookbinding workshop sounds lovely! Any idea what you'll be making? A journal? Ideabook? Novel notepad?

  3. I also consider bra fittings an Artists Date. I finally started getting proper bra fittings a couple of years ago, and they have made my clothes look better - to the point where if I don't like how my clothes are looking, I schedule a bra fitting before I go out and buy new clothes.

    Yay on how much you accomplished last week :)

  4. What an excellent reward. The bra that you bought for yourself is absolutely divine.

  5. You did an EXCELLENT job!! Way to go on those goals, I'm tres impressed. i too need to get in for a proper bra fitting b/c i KNOW i'm wearing the wrong size. And doesn't putting SWIM goals in planner help so much? I also was getting online to find them, which was such a pain at times. ;-)