Monday, August 17, 2009

Tomato: Week 9

I normally post my SWIM goals mid-week on Wednesday, but I think I'm going to move over to Monday's since it's truly the "start" of my week.

Revisiting last week's goals...

1) Write thank you cards for all bday wishes and gifts this weekend. Oui! I spent Friday night writing beaucoup thank you notes and even wrote facebook thank you's, haha.

2) 1 morning of morning pages (trying to be realistic here). Yes, but it was on a day that I planned to work from home in the morning, so it counts, but not really? I'm so struggling with creating a morning ritual, and this is one of the tasks I'd love to include in my ideal ritual. Boo.

3) Carve out time for some journal play avec Journal Bliss (the FABULOUS book recommended by our very own Revisionista). Loooove!! As you saw from the last post - YES! I really enjoyed Journal Bliss-ing out, and I plan to play more. I may declare Friday night to be my stay-in and do fun creative exercises night. ;-)

Now for my WEEK 9 GOALS:

1) Write blog post on therapy avec Dr. G. Y'all have been so supportive about my decision to see a therapist, and I've been wanting to share some of the things I've discovered/learned about myself through my sessions with Dr. G.

2) Devote Friday night to crafting, creating & writing. Make it a lovely artist date complete with yummy food & fun jamz.

3) 1 morning of morning pages (on a normal work weekday!)

I think I'm going to stick to 3 goals... with life being so chaotic and busy these days, I find myself much more likely to stay on task and complete these goals if I make them realistic and succinct. Bonne semaine, ladies!!


  1. Yay for checking off your list last week!

    Love your goals for this week. 3 goals is perfect :)

    Especially love that you already have your Friday night planned.

    Good luck with your week and blog posts; I look forward to reading the Dr. G post.

  2. I love the idea of the Birthday and Thank you cards! I am taking loads of pictures this days and a similar idea crossed my mind, using my photography in my case.

    I like your Artist Day idea of setting time aside to be creative, write and in fact enjoying the process!

    Aaah! I have been kicked out from the library because I have spent here far too long! Byeeee!

  3. good job of achieving your goals last week. i agree with keeping the goals list smaller (more achievable). i really look forward to the post re: dr g. maybe we can learn something from your experience too :)