Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vienna: A few Sunday notes

Hi swimmers!
Just wanted to write a quick post about a few important things:

1 I do apologise if anyone has felt excluded with the comment in Spanish Lauren and I exchanged in one of my posts this week. Thanks, Kiki, for pointing it out. It just happened as an spontaneous thing and we never meant to exclude or offend anyone. I have written the translation of my part follwing Kiki's comment. Sorry, again.

2. A HUGE THANK YOU to you all for your sweet comments and wise advice on my chaotic post. I am immensly happy to belong to such as creative, kind and supportive group as SWIM.

3. My REWARD this week came without looking for it. As I've mentioned on a previous post, last night I attended the premier of Kandahar break, a controversial film shooted in Pakistan and Tunisia, where R (my boyfriend) had worked as a script supervisor. I felt so proud of him watching the film. It was amazing to see how all the hard work had come together and the product was that wonderful and beautiful film.

This is the page of the film on Facebook. It includes trailer, a piece of news and an interview to David Whitney, the director. The film is on its distribution phase. I hope some distributors show interest, the film gets sold and we can watch it soon in the cinemas!

Have a nice Sunday.


  1. That looks fascinating - good luck with the distribution phase!

  2. I apologize as well. Since it had nothing to do with SWIM or writing, I figured it didn't matter much. I won't do it again.