Sunday, July 26, 2009

dharmagirl: goals july 27-august 2

Last Week's Goals

1. Continue MPs yes, with a missed day or two, and a certain antsy-ness when those days were missed (means they're working!)
2. Blog about RWA and DC fun yes
3. Write ENG 102 syllabus and assignments for fall started
4. Devote afternoon time--at least an hour--to reading a few days
5. Build morning ritual: run/walk, breakfast, MPs, blog, French, work stuff not exactly...

Yoga Class at Yoga on the Lake not yet

Ahh, this past week was a bit of a wash for me. See, I had all these great goals and wonderful determination to get back on track with myself and my work. I was motivated! Dedicated!

And I was exhausted from my trip to DC and RWA. And I was a little dehydrated from traipsing around the mall two afternoons in 90 degree heat, and flying on a plane that sapped all moisture away.

And so, when I went for a rigorous 8 mile bike ride on monday afternoon, I wasn't thinking about drinking water or taking it easy. I was thinking of the number on the scale and my ever-expanding thighs.

I felt a little weak when I parked my bike and climbed the stairs to blessed water, and a homemade strawberry smoothie.

And I felt a little tired talking with my friends in their garden as I harvested some fresh veggies.

And, suddenly, I felt really awful, and nearly passed out. Luckily, my friend J is a nurse, so she took good care of me and calmed my nerves, took my bp and pulse, and speedily foisted an array of foods upon me.

Talk about scary! I spent the next 36+ hours worried that the same sensation would return, and hence lead a very calm, sedate life. But, I could feel the general angstiness creeping in--worries about classes in the fall, self-doubt, you know, the whole gamut of worries.

Thank goodness for awesome people who talked to me, spent time with me, and generally took my mind off of worries and reassured me without even knowing that they were helping:)

Then, my Mom came for a visit, and the whole attempt at maintaining a routine slipped away.

So, therefore, *this* week will be the week of routines. Of tiny steps towards integrating summer fabulousity into fall rhythms. Of naming and taming the chaotic bits of my inner and outer worlds, and making them sites of productive inquiry and not destabilizing fear.

Goals July 27-August 2
1. write email to campus about Poetry event on Thursday
2. select poems to read at aforementioned poetry event
3. craft ENG 102 syllabus
4. work on novel collaboration project
5. read one hour each afternoon
6. create versions of morning rituals--flexibility is a key! not every morning is going to be/should be the same
7. post two year anniversary blog on monday
8. do something really fabulous and fun
9. continue reading writing advice books for a) myself and b) for ENG 102 inspiration
10. check in with fellow bloggers
11. MPs


  1. It sounds like you've had a tough week. I hope you are feeling better. Your next goals seem very well thought and achievable. Don't forget to reward yourself. Ah! And drink water!!! :)

  2. Eek! That is scary - I'm glad your friend was a nurse and immediately knew what to do.

    Building flexibility into morning rituals is a great idea. Every morning is different, but the idea of a ritual implies sameness and continuity repeated every time. Having a list of possible things that fit into a morning ritual removes that pressure, as well as the solemn "ceremony" that the word "ritual" also suggests.

    Good luck with all your goals this week! What is your reward going to be?

  3. Hope everything is going better this week. The first few days after a trip can be so rough (all these grand visions but not enough energy).

    Good luck at the poetry reading tonight! Would it be possible to get a pic of the new blouse and/or a peek of the poem?

    Can't wait to see what your fabulous and fun something turns out to be. :)

  4. I love your point that not every morning is going to be the same. That is one thing i struggle with when I think of a morning ritual - the need for flexibility.