Friday, July 31, 2009

Lauren's Update

These were my goals for the past week:

1. Get caught up on the days of the SARK journaling program that I have yet to explore. --This was an epic fail. I am really behind but I am okay with that (now, anyway--at first, every time I saw a new SARK email I got panicky). Some of the questions or topics of the day speak more to me than others right now. I am filing them all away so that I can always come back to them. I hope to do a few this coming weekend. I am also finding that there are other things coming out of my Morning Pages that are much more interesting or timely right now, so I would rather focus on writing about those.

2. Spend some time brainstorming about a possible blog niche, new posts and bigger life goals.--Again, a fail. I just haven't had the time to get to this. This is now part of my plan for this weekend.

3. Get to a yoga class at least three times this week. --I only actually made it to the studio twice this week, but I did practice at home a few other times and played with a morning meditation practice once this week. I'd say this one was a success since it was a lot of yoga and meditation for me in one week.

New Goals:

1. Keep up with my Morning Pages, even if I don't actually write them till before bed sometimes.

2. Brainstorm for blog ideas and bigger life goals.

3. Get at least a week's worth of backup blog content written so I don't feel so stressed about it.

4. Start the book, The Journey from the Center to the Page: Yoga Philosophies and Practices as Muse for Authentic Writing by Jeff Davis.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Hi Lauren - one thing that has been really helping me generate blog content has been questions and comments from readers. sometimes it's a whole blog post, sometimes a post like yesterday's where i answered several questions :)

  2. Also - being flexible with comes out of your morning pages is so important I think - more than staying stuck on a regimen.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation and good luck with your goals next week.

  4. Totally hear you on #1! That's how I felt (panicky each time I got an email), but then I created a folder and immediately put the emails in that folder. Less stress :)

  5. I'm working on building a stash of pre-written posts as well - writing on the same day as I want to post is starting to stress me out.

    Well done on the yoga and meditation! Especially since you were at Tranquil Space, you lucky girl!